5 Crucial Business Lessons from Ellana’s Ex-COO and Pont Consultancy Founder


Jay Buenaflor

In the world of business, the line between sanity and insanity can get pretty blurry. As Jay Buenaflor, the former COO of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and founder of Pont Consultancy, observes, the most successful entrepreneurs exhibit traits that may seem unconventional or even “crazy” to some. Yet, it’s this very craziness that sets them apart and propels them to the top.

Jay has spent 26 years mentoring entrepreneurs globally, acting more as a psychiatrist than a traditional mentor. He has identified key traits that contribute to their success and has distilled these observations into five valuable lessons.

1. The Power of Focus!

Successful entrepreneurs display an almost frightening level of focus. When they lock onto a goal, everything else fades into the background. They have the ability to tune out distractions and zero in on what truly matters, often leading to groundbreaking innovations and business growth. This level of dedication can be intimidating to witness, but it’s also a clear indicator of their potential for success.

2. Use Past Experiences as Fuel.

Many accomplished entrepreneurs are driven by something deeply personal. For some, it’s overcoming poverty; for others, it’s proving doubters wrong. This chip on their shoulder pushes them to prove themselves and to achieve what others deemed impossible. This internal drive often translates into a relentless pursuit of excellence and a refusal to settle for mediocrity.

3. Stay Humble and Inquisitive.

Despite their intense drive and focus, great entrepreneurs maintain a sense of humility. They recognize that they don’t know everything and are always eager to learn. This humility manifests in their willingness to ask questions, seek advice, and continually improve. It’s not uncommon for these entrepreneurs to reach out for guidance, and they often value mentorship relationships. 

4. You Need Others!

No entrepreneur can succeed entirely on their own. The most successful ones understand the importance of building and leveraging a strong network. As Theresa Buenaflor, founder of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, wisely advises, “You can’t do it alone.” Whether it’s through partnerships, collaborations, or simply seeking support from friends and family, exceptional entrepreneurs know how to surround themselves with the right people. 

5. Cultivate Unyielding Positivity.

High-achieving entrepreneurs possess an immense belief in their ability to figure things out, even when the odds are against them. This near-delusional optimism creates a reality distortion field where they see opportunities where others see obstacles. Their positive outlook allows them to persevere through challenges and maintain the energy needed to drive their ventures forward.

Delve into these principles deeply and gain practical insights for your business at Jay’s upcoming seminar, “Ellana Cosmetics Untold: 0 to 9-Figure Journey,” set on July 27-28, 2024, at Renaissance Tower in Ortigas, Pasig.

For entrepreneurs based in Davao and Cebu, similar seminars will be held in August and September 2024, promising invaluable growth opportunities.

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About Jay Buenaflor

About Jay Buenaflor: Jay Buenaflor, widely known as the “Biz Doc,” has built a reputation for his dynamic leadership and innovative approach to business growth. For more information, follow Jay Buenaflor on Facebook and LinkedIn. About Ellana Cosmetics: Established with a vision of enhancing natural beauty, Ellana has grown into a powerhouse in the beauty industry, celebrated for its resilience and strategic growth. The brand’s success story is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and effective business strategies.

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