Bulacan Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office( BENRO) officials and personnel with the intercepted truck load of illegally quarried filling materials. BENRO photo

CITY OF BALIWAG—Environment officials seized five trucks of illegally quarried landfill materials in the boundary of Pulilan and in this town recently.

Julius Victor Degala, head of Bulacan Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (BENRO) said the seizure was a result of a more than a week of special operation by Baliwag environment personnel and his office following a report they received from concerned residents.

The five trucks loaded with landfill materials were intercepted by the teams at about 1:00 pm in Barangay Makinabang while about to exit the town going to Pulilan and to be delivered to a buyer of the illegal quarry operator.

The landfill materials were quarried in a vacant remote area in the boundary of Barangay Makinabang in this town and in Barangay Taal in Pulilan town.

Degala said the arrested truck drivers and personnel are still being investigated to determine fhe identity of the owner and the buyer.

Degala said the five trucks of the filling materials will be sold at more than P10,000 worth to still unknown buyers in Bulacan.

According to Degala, other than the violation of the owner for illegal quarrying, the quarried spots will become an open pit that can catch rain waters where people, particularly children, can accidentally fall and drown.

He said, there were several left open pit quarried areas by illegal quarry operators particularly in Sta. Maria town where children were drowned.