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Flowers come in a variety of colors, sizes, and scents but are usually given to someone for the same reason: appreciation. The month of November to February has always been its peak season. Those were also the busiest months for Emelyn Balaba, a floral shop owner from Davao City. Born and raised in Bukidnon, growing flowers used to be just a hobby. When the land she was using was reclaimed by the landlord, she decided to seek her luck elsewhere, which is how she discovered a vacant stall in Davao City.

As a flower farmer, it has always been her desire to open a flower shop. Fortunately, she was able to open one and hire a florist who would arrange the flowers according to their client’s preference. She started catering flowers for anniversaries, weddings, and other important occasions. She always ensures that her flowers remain in good condition before starting to deliver them in the different parts of the city. She has been working in this kind of industry for 12 years now.

Business was going well. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, her florist left to open her own business, so she had to learn how to arrange flowers the hard way. She struggled to maintain her business since she lacked a florist and had no idea how to arrange flowers.

She learned to avoid becoming overly dependent on others. She soon develops a love for flower cutting and arrangement as she gradually learns how to become a florist.

“I was employed for a decade. I had a grocery store and an agri-vet business, but none of them thrived because I was looking for the one where my heart felt lighter, and I found it here, in my flower shop,” Emelyn said in an interview.

As a small business owner, Emelyn needed larger capital if she wanted to achieve a higher business goal. Fortunately, in 2016, she learned about the existence of CARD, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO), which offers business loans, savings, and even insurance to its clients.

The loan she acquired from the said institution was used as additional capital for her business. As her flower shop generates more income, she managed to acquire a car that they now use for delivering flowers. She was also able to repair her house all because of her flower shop. Five years from now, Emelyn envisions a bigger flower shop, not rented, but the one she personally owns.

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