By:  Nina Tablan – Villarete

Watching from afar observing the political campaign mess some political candidates are doing along with what their loyal supporters go through in mind or in kind (whatever…) to earn that precious vote on May 9,2022 keeps me astounded and at times frustrated.

I just feel that voting is a sacred political exercise of a citizen to choose the right candidate who fits the job description of a political position that a particular candidate is ‘applying’ for. Let us not ever forget that the sole basis or foundation to choose wisely for the right person for that job is that our country’s future is at stake and most definitely ours, too.

Think before you vote! The debates are a solid platform to know the profile of each candidate that would help determine their character and capacity to perform those duties right.  A proper research on the authenticity of what they are saying is a must to consider. Is that candidate just all talk but no recorded action or solid accomplished tasks to prove his/her competency worthy for the political position?

I am glad I chose the MPA program in graduate school because all the ‘selling points’ of those candidates during the Presidential and Vice Presidential Interviews/Debates anchored mainly on everything I have learned and researched about public administration that served as my yardstick to assess if that particular candidate would fit in the requirements of the position.

Their decision analysis, critical thinking, listening skills, communication skills, strategic management prowess, stage presence, overall appearance and in-depth knowledge of past and current political, social, economic, religious and international issues were put at stake based on how fast, witty, accurate, sincere, feasible and true their responses were. It is getting straight from the horses’ mouth instead of getting swayed by mass euphoria and online news we do not know the authenticity of.

As a voter I believe we should do a thorough research and background study of all these running political candidates to be worthy of our votes and the position, someone who will serve his/her country well as a true Public Servant. As a voter I pledge to do my homework not to waste the trust and that precious vote I will cast come Elections Day. So help me God! Till next issue. Stay safe!

“What can you be doing now so that those who will walk in two hundred years will know that someone once cared, that someone back then felt that the future mattered enough to receive a world of peace and harmony that had been prepared. One day those of the future will see that our love went how deep during our time in history, don’t let the level of care for the future remain  a mystery”   

– Nick Long