NLEX’s sports event, Lakbike participants.

Close to a hundred bikers have crossed the finish line of the LAKBIKE NA! 365 Cycle, a virtual sports event of the NLEX Corporation. Despite some setbacks due to travel restrictions, the participants were able to accomplish the 365-kilometer goal.

The riders were given one month to complete the 365 km distance which they have tracked through the NLEX’s app partner “Stampede: Races.” Those who finished the cycle received a medal and a race kit which includes the Lakbike merchandise.

Aside from having Luzon bikers, the event has also gained the participation of those in the Visayas and Mindanao.

According to NLEX Corporation President and General Manager J. Luigi L. Bautista, “though faced with different challenges throughout the race such as the implementation of enhanced community quarantine and intense summer heat, the participants showed resilience and were unfazed by such obstacles. We are pleased that we have achieved our objective of advancing healthier lifestyle and enabling our bikers to

Lakbike participants

explore the outdoors while following the safety protocols set by their respective local government units.”

The event served as a motivation for all people to maintain their physical fitness amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other participants said that it was a great way for them to release stress and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

“It’s an opportunity to travel to different scenic places, giving us a way to release our stress and keep our healthy way of living not just us but also to our nature using our bike to reduce pollution. It also promotes tourism spots in our country. ” said by Raymond Torio, one of the Lakbike finishers and a national team athlete.

On the other hand, Jenny Chico, one of the participants, said that apart from promoting health and wellness, it was a great program to gain knowledge on local tourism.

“Through LAKBIKE NA! 365 Cycle, I was able to appreciate what my local community has to offer and meet new cycling buddies & friends along the way. This journey tested not only my endurance but taught me that it’s not how fast I finish the program, but how I appreciate every kilometer of the journey. “ Chico said.

Finding Other Ways to Exercise

For those who were not able to participate in the event, NLEX still encouraged them to continue working out at home. The tollway company gave them simple tips that they can follow in order to get the body moving, easy-to-follow workout plans were posted on its Facebook page to help those who are quarantined at home keep their health and wellness in check.

With the success of LAKBIKE NA! 365 Cycle in advancing healthy lifestyle while exploring some places up North, sports enthusiasts can expect more events similar to this from NLEX.

About NLEX Corporation

NLEX Corporation is the builder and operator of NLEX and SCTEX, two of the major tollways in the Philippines. A subsidiary of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, it is engaged in the development, design, construction, finance, operation, and management of toll road projects.