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In time for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary this December, the Pulilan LGU holds Pilgrimage Exhibit at SM Center Pulilan, featuring at least twenty-two Marian images from different barangays in the said town. Some of the exhibit’s highlights are the 200- and 120-year-old images of La Purisima Concepcion from Barangays Dampol 2nd A and Dampol 2nd B. The Pulilan Pilgrimage Exhibit is an initiative of the Pulilan LGU spearheaded by Mayor Maria Rosario Ochoa-Montejo that aims to promote “faith tourism” in the town of Pulilan.

SMC among the highest-ranked Filipino firms in Forbes’ World’s Best Employers list


Conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC) landed as among the top-ranked Filipino firms in American business magazine Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Best Employers, which includes 800 firms from some 57 countries.

SMC landed number 174 overall, and is one of just two firms based in the Philippines–along with fast-food giant Jollibee Foods–to make it within the top 200.

The survey, compiled for the past six years by Forbes, was conducted together with its partner, Statista.

According to Forbes, Statista surveyed some 150,000 full-time and part-time workers from 57 countries working for multinationals and institutions, to determine which of these firms excel in key areas such as corporate impact and image, talent development, gender equality, and social responsibility.

“It’s a major honor for us at San Miguel to be included in such a list, and to be ranked within the top 200 in the world, and one of the very best in the Philippines. We’re also very proud to stand together with other Filipino companies who have emerged as among the best in the world in advancing the welfare of employees and workers,” SMC President and Chief Executive Officer Ramon S. Ang, said.

“For all the time I have been in SMC, and for most of its 131-year history, “malasakit” has been the core foundation of our corporate values. We look out for the welfare of our employees, partners, stakeholders, communities. On the part of our employees, the company’s malasakit towards them also means they show malasakit for the company.”

Ang added that apart from compensation and benefits, SMC also implements various programs to help employees hone their skills, maintain their health, advance in their careers, as well as pursue their passions. Assistance during times of need is also a hallmark of “the SMC way”, Ang said. 

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, SMC not only extended extraordinary assistance to the country, but also to its employees.

SMC was the first Filipino company to build a dedicated RT-PCR testing laboratory for its workforce at the start of the pandemic. It also guaranteed the full salaries and benefits of employees and workers in its nationwide network, through the most difficult and uncertain periods of the pandemic when most businesses lost income.

SMC also invested in putting in place additional health and safety protocols for employees, to ensure the continued delivery of essential goods and services to the public.

For its support workers, SMC launched several initiatives, including providing interest-free loans with easy payment schemes, so they can buy alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles and motorcycles.

SMC also converted a part of its grounds at its head office complex for an urban farming project to augment the income and food supplies of repair and maintenance and security workers. The company partnered with the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) Philippines to train workers in urban farming.

Ultimately, SMC allotted P1 billion to procure COVID-19 vaccines and set up numerous vaccination centers nationwide, for its over 70,000 employees and extended workforce and their families, even as it also donated significant resources–including the expertise of over 100 healthcare practitioners it hired–to support the national vaccination effort.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, the surveys conducted to determine the World’s Best Employers, were all anonymous, in order to allow participants to share their opinions openly.
“Respondents were asked to rate their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family. They were also asked to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stood out either positively or negatively. Participants were asked to rate the companies on aspects such as economic impact and image, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility,” Forbes said in the opening statements of the list, published on www.forbes.com

30 kids receive Christmas cheers from Marilag Lady Eagles Club

The Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagles Club while distributing the toys and other gifst to the children in Barangay Sipat, Plaridel. Contributed photo

PLARIDEL, Bulacan–Thirty children in a village here received an early Christmas treat of foods, toys and other gifts from a civic-brotherhood group in the province on Tuesday.

Atty. Cristina Alcantara, Internal Affairs Services (IAS) head of the Bulacan Provincial Police Office and president of Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagles Club led the gift-giving at the house of Rosalie Dela Cruz, one of the members in Barangay Sipat. 

The 30 children of Barangay Sipat, Plaridel who received the Chistmas cheers from Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagles Club.  Contributed photo

Parents of the children also attended the event and were also treated with foods. 

Alcantara said the activity is just one of the very simple ways of their club in bringing Holiday cheers and smiles to the hearts and faces of some of the children in the community which is among the primary pronciple of Eagles Fraternal Brotherhood. 

The officers and members of the Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagles Club. Contributed photo

“We are very happy that through this very little effort that we shared doing, we again did another service to community and manifested our sisterhood relationship with each other which are the core principles of our organization,” she said.

The officers and members of the Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagles Club. Contributed photo

It was the eight community service of the group since June this year following series of feeding programs in Pandi, Plaridel and City of Malolos, as partner group in an “Operation Tuli,” in Quezon City, visit and gift and food giving in a home for the aged and orphans and as a support team in Eagles national basketball game activity including a Zumba dance. 

Alcantara said more community service will be conducted by Bulacan Marilag Tanglaw Sandigan Lady Eagle’s Club this coming 2023. 

Bulacan receives P16.8-M worth mobile disaster response facility

Gov. Daniel Fernando with Vice Gov. Alex Castro, Bulacan Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) Head Liz Mungcal and Bulacan DOST Director Angela Parungao with the Mobile Command and Control Vehicle (MOCCOV) unit given to the province early this week. Photo from the Bulacan Provincial Government

CITY OF MALOLOS –A P16.8 million worth of state of the art disaster mobile disaster response facility Mobile Command and Control Vehicle (MOCCOV) was given to Bulacan early this week as part of disaster preparedness of the province.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) provided the equipment for the Bulacan Rescue Command of the Bulacan Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO).

MOCCOV is a mobile facility that can be used to plan, direct, coordinate, and control material and manpower resources in times of emergency. It is equipped with various capabilities for emergency situations to exercise contingency and response plans and has its own weather station system, drone, satellite phone, and other communication and surveillance equipment. In times of rescue operations, the technology has included triage with available rescue equipment and medical apparatuses.

DOST Bulacan Regional Director Angelita Parungao said the equipment will strengthen the local disaster preparedness and post-pandemic recovery capacities of Bulacan. 

“We are very thankful for this facility given to us because this technology could immediately be set-up at any place or calamity area it is required. It will serve as a command center and a triaging trailer tent”, Fernando said.

The MOCCOV is a joint project of the DOST 3, Office of Civil Defense 3 and Office of Senator Joel Villanueva. It is the latest Science and Technology intervention in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation funded by the DOST Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (DOST CEST).

Five Bulacan Rescue members were drowned while rescuing residents trapped in their houses during a flash flood past midnight on Sept. 26 as typhoon Karding whipped Luzon areas. 

Fernando said the equipment could also  provide real time monitoring, control and location of rescuers while calamities and disasters are also tracked down through the MOCCOV.

Influence of education to humankind


By Antonio G. Papa, Ph.D.

Education –– both spiritual and secular –– is highly being esteemed by the Christian families in these last days.

The New International Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language defined education as “The development and training of one’s mind, character, skills by instruction and training in an institution of learning.”

Through education, one’s knowledge, attitude, skills, and aspirations are being honed and molded for him to become a productive, proficient, pleasant, and wholesome person.

Understanding the educational domain

The pedagogy of inculcating proper knowledge, instilling the right attitude to the learners and practicing the needed skills provides an understanding of the educational domains among parents and guardians. 

Education is said to be a lifelong process.  During the new normal, it is assumed that both the learners and their parents or guardians will definitely learn from the educational process at home, employing the asynchronous mode of teaching.

The three domains of education that will serve as a guide of the facilitators of learning are as follows: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

The cognitive educational domain is the intellectual aspects of man’s life that involves knowledge and the development of abilities and intellectual skills.  

As far as knowledge is concerned, Almighty God instructed us to choose instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold. 

The affective domain is the behavioral aspects of man’s life, which include the manner in which individuals deal with things emotionally.  In this domain, the development of individuals’ positive or favorable attitudes toward any educational pursuit is required. 

In the same vein, Christians are exhorted to be tenderhearted and keep a humble attitude.

Meanwhile, the psychomotor domain is the manual or technical aspects learned by individuals through actual and hands-on exposure to the activities at hand. 

Here, expertise is the name of the game––continuous and right practice makes perfect.

The individual learns by actually cultivating his own head or mind for the cognitive matters, his own heart or feelings relative to behavioral or attitudinal dealings with the subject, and his very own hands for the manual or technical activities that are required to be done.

Cultivating the three Hs

To live successfully in this competitive world nowadays, the individuals––whether involved in the world of education as students or in the world of work as a labor force––must learn how to cultivate the three Hs of their lives.

These three Hs stand for the head, heart, and hand which respectively correspond to the three educational domains.

The head––the first H––is basically concerned with the cognitive domain, the intellectual aspects of man’s life.  According to B.S. Bloom, the cognitive domain involved knowledge and the development of intellectual skills.  This includes the recall or recognition of specific facts, procedural patterns, and concepts that serve in the development of intellectual abilities and skills.

Daily, our knowledge system must be updated to become well-informed and fully aware of the phenomena and events surrounding us.  For busy individuals, provide ample and quality time in reading newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and the like; in viewing and listening to television and radio programs; and in surfing the internet for the current events and other needed information as required in school and workplace.  These must be practiced regularly.

The heart––the second H––on the other hand, involves in the affective domain, the behavioral aspects of man’s life.  The affective domain as espoused by Bloom, et al. includes the manner in which we deal with tings emotionally such as feelings, values, appreciation, enthusiasm, motivation and attitude.

Development of individuals’ positive or favorable attitude towards any venture in life is required.  The emotional quotient or EQ of individuals shall be enhanced to achieve excellence.

Accordingly, emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capacity to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves, and to manage well our emotions and our relationships with others.

In 1999, D. Goleman reported that emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in an outstanding performance at work.

The hand––the third H––is involved in the psychomotor domain, the manual and technical aspects learned by men.  To E.J. Simpson, the psychomotor domain includes physical movement, coordination, and use of the motor-skill areas.  The development of these skills requires practice and is measured in terms of speed, precision, distance, procedures, or techniques in execution.

Thus, having gained updated knowledge is not enough for it must be put into actual practice.  Hence, hands-on activities must be conducted to upgrade the skills of individuals.

Impact of education on man’s life

At the end of the day, whatever engagement was pursued by man––whether in an informal activity, a non-formal training, and/or formal schooling––consequently the outcomes include the acquisition of his updated knowledge system, development of a positive or favorable attitude, and possession of upgraded skills.

The application of updated knowledge and upgraded skills must be coupled with positive or favorable behavior in dealing with any venture in man’s life makes him a learned person.

Eventually, having attained these qualities, man’s aspiration in life will also be up-scaled.  Hence, achieving a successful life.

Therefore, education is being valued by mankind because it develops a well-rounded and multi-faceted individual––the productive, proficient, pleasant, and wholesome persons.

For the humankind at present, the best source of spiritual education is the Bible, lessons are being learned during the conduct of the worship services––thus, producing God-fearing and loving individuals.

#####Dr. Antonio G. Papa is the second Head Deacon at the Local Congregation of Indang, Ecclesiastical District of Cavite South.  He is a retired University Professor at the College of Economics, Management and Development Studies, Cavite State University (CvSU) in Indang, Cavite. In 2018, he served as a Scientist 1 and Consultant at Marinduque State College in Boac, Marinduque. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education degree at the Don Severino Agricultural College now CvSU in 1978, and both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Extension Education at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, College, Laguna in 1986 and 1991, respectively.

Lessons on moral development



Closely associated with spiritual development instilled among children is moral development –– an interesting concept that must be inculcated among children nowadays.

According to Dr. Maria Rita D. Lucas, “Individuals, when confronted by situations where they need to make moral decisions, exercise their own ability to use moral reasoning.  An individual’s ability to choose right from wrong is tied with their ability to understand and reason logically.”

Lawrence Kohlberg will educate us on his theory of moral development.  He believed that “Children from ways of thinking through their experiences which include their understanding of moral concepts of justice, rights, equality, and human welfare, will evolve to become good citizens –– upholding law and order.”

Moral development, according to Kohlberg, occurs in three levels and in six stages.

Levels of moral development

The pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional levels of moral development are described by Kohlberg as follows:

In the pre-conventional level, moral reasoning is based on the result of the act, not on whether the act itself is good or bad.

For conventional level, moral reasoning is based on the norms of society –– the approval of others, law, and order.

On post-conventional level, moral reasoning is based on enduring or consistent principles.  It is not just recognizing the law but the principles behind the law.

Stages of moral development

There are six stages of moral development, according to Kohlberg, namely: 1. Punishment/obedience, 2. Mutual benefit, 3. Social approval, 4. Law and order, 5. Social contract, and 6. Universal principles.

1. Punishment/obedience.  An individual is motivated due to fear of punishment, so, he will act accordingly in order to avoid punishment.

2. Mutual benefit.  A child is motivated to act by the benefit that he might obtain later, following the mantra: “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”

3. Social approval.  A person is motivated by what others expect in his/her behavior such as being a “good boy” or “good girl”.  The person acts because he/she values how he/she will appear to others and gives importance to what people will think or say about.

4. Law and order.  One is motivated to act in order to uphold law and order.  The person will follow the law because it is the law.

5. Social contract.  Laws that are wrong can be changed.  Hence, a person will act based on social justice and the common good.

6. Universal principles.  This is associated with the development of one’s conscience.  Having a set of standards that drives one to possess moral responsibility to make societal changes regardless of the consequences to oneself.

Moral ascendancy and responsibility could be well-displayed by parents as models for their children.  Having this practiced in the home will contribute to a more peaceful community, so with the country as a whole.

As the Chinese proverb goes, “If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in character.  If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony in the home.  If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.  And, if there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

Accordingly, honest and good people who love peace will have a wonderful future. This maxim must be instilled to the children as early as possible –– at their very young mind.

I hope that this piece of work will reach the parents at large––since parents as well as local and national figures in the society, are serving as role models for children and other aspiring individuals.

So, parents and elders, let us be the first ones to be seen by our children and subordinates as morally-upright individuals.Dr. Antonio G. Papa is the second Head Deacon at the Local Congregation of Indang, Ecclesiastical District of Cavite South.  He is a retired University Professor at the College of Economics, Management and Development Studies, Cavite State University (CvSU) in Indang, Cavite. In 2018, he served as a Scientist 1 and Consultant at Marinduque State College in Boac, Marinduque. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education degree at the Don Severino Agricultural College now CvSU in 1978, and both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Extension Education at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, College, Laguna in 1986 and 1991, respectively.

Bulacan PYSPESO to offer new job opportunities for Bulakenyos

Governor Daniel Fernando. Photo by Carmela Reyes-Estrope

CITY OF MALOLOS – As part of the 89th Founding Anniversary of The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Provincial Government of Bulacan through its Provincial Youth, Sports and Public Employment Service Office will be conducting a job fair for local and overseas employment dubbed as “Trabaho, Negosyo, Kabuhayan” on December 7, 2022, 9:00 A.M. at The Pavillion, Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center here.

According to PYSPESO Head Atty. Kenneth Ocampo-Lantin, 25 companies will participate in the job fair to bring job opportunities to Bulakenyo jobseekers.

Among the employers in search for new hires include IQ Packaging and Logistics Inc., Staff Search Asia Service Cooperative, Bioessence, SM Hypermarket, Yaman ng Lahi Labor Service Cooperative, Fusion Integrated Service Cooperative, Kaakbay sa Kinabukasan, Jolly Management Solutions Inc., Primefirst Workers Providers Inc., Pandayan Bookshop, Savemore Market, The SM Store, D’Jobsite General Services Inc., Villarica, Alpha Alleanza Manufacturing Inc., Toyota, Placer 8 Logistic Express Incorporation, Mirof Resources Inc., Walter Mart, DATEM Inc., RM Foods Inc., Wheeltek and Paramount.

Meanwhile, Bulacan Governor Daniel R. Fernando said that one of his goals is to increase the employment rate in the province thus Bulakenyos can expect regular conduct of job fairs.

“Sa panahon ngayon na tumataas na ang mga gastusin sa pang araw-araw na pamumuhay, nararapat lang na makapag-generate pa tayo ng mas maraming trabaho para sa mga tao. Sinisikap rin ng ating Pamahalaang Panlalawigan na magsagawa ng marami pang mga job fair sa hinaharap upang mapataas ang moral at pati na rin ang employment rate sa ating lalawigan,” Fernando said.

For more inquiries and information, please visit the Provincial PESO Bulacan Facebook page and fill-out the pre-registration link at https://forms.gle/cbSedgMNpyVVfgQEA.

Makabayang pamumuhunan ang retail bonds para sa mga OFW – Villanueva

Senator Joel Villanueva, TESDAMAN.

Sinuportahan ni Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva ang plano ng Department of Finance (DOF) na maglabas ng retail treasury bonds na iaalok sa overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), dahil nakikita ng senador na isa itong magandang investment opportunity para sa mga makabagong bayani.

“I fully support the DOF in its initiative. Magandang oportunidad ang dollar-denominated security na ito para mamuhunan ang ating mga kababayan abroad sa mga ligtas, low-risk, at abot-kaya na investment instruments,” sabi ni Villanueva.

Mataas din ang pag-asa ng senador na maging matagumpay ang dollar-denominated bonds, at hinikayat niya ang mga pampubliko at pribadong sektor na ikalat ang balitang ito at tangkilikin ang offering.

“Nakita po natin sa recent OCTA Survey na may mataas na 86 percent trust rating at 78 percent performance rating ang administrasyon, kung kaya inaasahan po natin na lubos na susuportahan ng publiko ang investment offering na ito,” aniya.

“Bilang Pilipino, ituring po natin na isang makabayang paraan ng pamumuhunan ang pagtangkilik ng retail treasury bonds para sa pag-unlad at pagsulong ng bansa,” dagdag niya.

Dahil iaalok ang bond offering sa mga migranteng manggagawa, sinabi ni Villanueva na kailangang dagdagan pa ng gobyerno ang mga proteksyon para sa mga OFWs, na siya namang inasahan ng senador nang isulong niya ang pagsasabatas ng Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Law.

Nanawagan si Villanueva sa DMW na pagyamanin pa nito ang full reintegration program ng bansa upang magkaroon pa ang mga OFWs na mas maraming access sa mga oportunidad na pangkabuhayan kapag sila ay nagbalikbayan na.

“Maliban sa livelihood packages, dapat isama sa programa ang mga investment options gaya ng government bonds, gayundin ang financial literacy training nang sa gayon ay magkaroon ng “retirement plan” ang ating mga OFWs pag-uwi nila sa bansa,” aniya.

Kinilala din ni Villanueva ang pagsisikap ng DOF na gawing mas accessible sa publiko ang mga securities sa pamamagitan ng mga “homegrown digital platforms” gaya ng Overseas Filipino Bank–na subsidiary ng LANDBANK of the Philippines–upang gawing mas madali at ligtas ang pamumuhunan kahit sa mga first-timers.

“By making retail bonds more accessible to more Filipinos, we will continue to move closer to our goal of financial inclusion for all Filipinos in the name of nation building,” sabi niya.

1 killed, 3 arrested in murder of 2 Mabalacat cops

Pampanga police forensic unit team members processing the crime scene where one of the suspects in the slaying of 2 Mabalacat police were killed during an encounter with authorities. Photo from Police Regional Office 3

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga—One of the five suspects in the murder of two Mabalacat, Pampanga anti-illegal drug police operatives was killed while three other cohorts were arrested during police hot pursuit operations against them over the weekend.  

PBGen Cesar Paasiwen, Police Regional Office 3 Director identified the killed suspect as Kiel Patrick Chua alias “Kelkel”. He was killed after police retaliated on his fires as he tried evading a police hot pursuit checkpoint while driving an unlicensed colored black motorcycle in Barangay Dau, City of Mabalacat at about 3:25 a.m. on Sunday.

Pasiwen said earlier arrested suspect Jun Jun Espiritu Baluyut, 44, a resident of Xevera Subdivision, Barangay, Tabun, City of Mabalacat admitted that Chua was one of their cohorts in killing PSMS Sofronio C Capitle Jr.,. and PSSG Dominador V. Gacusan Jr, both members of Mabalacat City Police Station Special Drug Enforcement Unit.

The arrested second suspect in the slaying of 2 Mabalacat, Pampanga police. Photo from Police Regional Office 3

At about 10 a.m. on Saturday, less than six hours after the killing of the two police officers, Baluyut with two other gang-members–Aries Espiritu Bagsic, 40, electrician, a resident of Barangay. Lakandula and Leslie Placiente, 30, an online seller and resident of Barangay Dau both in City of Mabalacat, Pampanga were arrested in hot pursuit operations in Barangay Dau.

Recovered from Chua’s possession were one . 45 calibre pistol and one motorcycle.

Two other primary suspects in the slaying of the two officers–Kenneth Flores and one alias “Pusa” are also being hunted down by the authorities after the service firearm of one of the slain cops was recovered in the roof gutter of Flores house.

The arrested third suspect in the slaying of 2 Mabalacat, Pampanga police. Photo from Police Regional Office  3

“We will have no respite until all the perpetrators are caught and even if two of our members were killed in line with our diligent efforts to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs, still we are committed in our waging war against this menace. We will continue to be relentless in our campaign at all costs,” Pasiwen said.

Capitle and Gacusan were on board a motorcycle and traversing Daang Bakal Road in Barangay Dau at around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday when unidentified five men on board two motorcycles and wearing bonnets and long sleeves who were tailing them suddenly pounded shots on them.

Already lying on the ground unconscious, the suspects then alighted from their vehicles, walked towards them and at close range

continuously fired shots on them. 

Bulacan investments reach P3-Trillion

Engr. Randy Po, Statistics Division Head of the Bulacan Provincial Planning and Development Office presents the current and future major flagship projects of the province during the Bulacan Business Summit last week. Photo by Carmela Reyes-Estrope

CITY OF MALOLOS—Investments in Bulacan today and in the coming few years would reach up to nearly P3-Trillion as the province became the major center of growth and development because of the P745-Billion worth New Manila International Airport and other breakthrough and game-changing projects. 

Engr. Randy Po Statistics Division Head of the Bulacan Provincial Planning and Development Office of Bulacan said the P745-Billlion worth New Manila International Airport project in Bulakan town and the North South Commuter Railway Project (NSCRP) has already drew numerous investors and projects in the province.

The two major projects in the province itself already cost more than P1-Trillion, he said.

The 37 km Phase 1 of the NSCRP from Malolos to Clark Airport which is now 57% completed is worth P150-Billion. A project of the Department of Transportation, it has a total project cost of P1.99 Bilion according to Po as he spoke about the major flagship projects in the province last week here during the 2022 Bulacan Business Conference “Invest Bulacan Summit” held in this city.

Po said Bulacan, being 27km distance from the financial and industrial center of Metro Manila is the gate way to the north because of Its accessibility to major airports and seaports and which provides logistical opportunity to investors, he added.

The Northwin City, the 28th Megaworld township project is Bulacan’s version of The Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to be built in 85 hectares area in Marilao town and is accessible through the North Luzon Expressway is worth P98-Billlion. It is 20 minutes away from Metro Manila and also 20 minutes away from the New Manila International Airport.

The development of the projects has already started, Po said.

The already constructed and still continuing expansion of Bulacan Bulk Water project between Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) and Luzon Clean Water Development Corporation is worth P24. 41-Bilion.

The Sattellite Government Center of Bulacan which will also be constructed next year is worth P935-Million.

Bayabas Dam Project in Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan which is worth P13.19-Billion is an alternative to Angat Dam for water needs of the farmers, a flood control project and is also targeted as a power generation facility. It will start construction by 2023, Josephine Salazar, National Irrigation Administration (NIA) region 3 director said after it has already been awarded to a winning bidder this third quarter of the year.

Manila Bay Integrated Flood Control, Coastal Defense and Expressway Project which will alleviate the residents from flood problems and will also be constructed in the next couple of years is worth P399-Billion.  

The North Luzon Expressway East Alignment is worth P39.94-Billion.

The Bulacan Mega City is a P5 billion worth business and investment hub in Balagtas, Bocaue and Pandi towns.

The Public Private Partnership (PPP)  of the Bulacan Provincial Government (PGB) Bulacan Cyber Park Business District is worth P4.577 billion while the Mixed Development of PGB Property in Tabang, Guiguinto is worth P480-Million.  

Governor Daniel Fernando said Bulacan’s growth and development lies in three major alignment and districts through the–Bulacan Growth Triad based on physical framework plan.

The first is the Malolos-Meycauayan Urban Core which extends to Calumpit town. He said flooding and water intrusion being a costal area is a major problem in this corridor but programs and projects have been put in place to keep this the major area of urban centers and development. The agricultural areas within the vicinity of these growth centers will be protected and enhanced, Fernando said.

The second corridor of growth is the Norzagaray-City of San Jose del Monte SJDM–San Ildefonso areas in the eastern part and the third is the Plaridel-Baliwag Growth Area. Fernando said these two includes the huge investments that have already mushroomed along the both sides of the Plaridel Bypass Road that connects NLEX to San Rafael town via Balagtas exit.

Cristina Tuzon, Chairman of the Board of the Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the further heights of the development in Bulacan today already within the reach of the businessmen in and out of the province not only because of their proximity to Metro Manila but because of its own metropolis being born in the province through the current major industrial, economic and tourism projects.

“We now have the power to shape the direction and capability of the investment of opportunities in our province,” she said.

The summit was attended by about 500 major companies in and out from Bulacan from construction, real estate, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, leisure parks and other tourist destinations, supermarkets and malls, and others.