Brothers of  Earth




These days we often hear people say:

 “The earth is one. Human beings are brothers and sisters.” 

-Yoshikazu Fukaya

We often hear it but we are quick to brush it aside , aliens walk among us . Sometimes , it is also believed that they often visited us. Elizabeth Kolbert in an Article at  The New Yorker  asks , Have We Already Visited by Aliens ? And she said  these in the opening paragraph of her article ; On October 19, 2017, a Canadian astronomer named Robert Weryk was reviewing images captured by a telescope known as Pan-starrs1 when he noticed something strange. The telescope is situated atop Haleakalā, a ten-thousand-foot volcanic peak on the island of Maui, and it scans the sky each night, recording the results with the world’s highest-definition camera. It’s designed to hunt for “near-Earth objects,” which are mostly asteroids whose paths bring them into our planet’s astronomical neighborhood and which travel at an average velocity of some forty thousand miles an hour. The dot of light that caught Weryk’s attention was moving more than four times that speed, at almost two hundred thousand miles per hour.

Weryk alerted colleagues, who began tracking the dot from other observatories. The more they looked, the more puzzling its behavior seemed. The object was small, with an area roughly that of a city block. As it tumbled through space, its brightness varied so much—by a factor of ten—that it had to have a very odd shape. Either it was long and skinny, like a cosmic cigar, or flat and round, like a celestial pizza. Instead of swinging around the sun on an elliptical path, it was zipping away more or less in a straight line. The bright dot, astronomers concluded, was something never before seen. It was an “interstellar object”—a visitor from far beyond the solar system that was just passing through. In the dry nomenclature of the International Astronomical Union, it became known as 1I/2017 U1. More evocatively, it was dubbed ‘Oumuamua (pronounced “oh-mooah-mooah”), from the Hawaiian, meaning, roughly, “scout.”

These sighting the 1I/2017 U1   was recorded and documented , it was  not a simple “seen” phenomena but  subjected to the rigor of Scientific Methods from people who does not exaggerate tales.

As a boy , my Grandfather  Gregorio used to point me  to the night sky where we can  see Stars which are MOVING , he calls them Satellites. As ayoung boy too , the SKYLAB was a fearsome reality , we were told at any moment that unfortunate satellite would befall our heads and our homes .

Looking back , the Moving Stars can be Interstellar Vehicles and we were just unaware that it was such .

Many of us would brush aside and negate what could be an inconvenient truth . We are just one of those Intergalactic Worlds that exists in the Universe . We  just don’t know it ,  but we are simply a sort of clan , siblings and brothers of Earth . The sooner we realize this , the sooner that conflicts would dissipates and that peace among Brothers and Sisters of Earth can come.

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