WELL AND HEALTHY. Governor Daniel R. Fernando and Vice Gov. Alexis C. Castro share a light moment together just after the governor appeared on a live video on Wednesday night and dismissed speculations that he had suffered a stroke. Photo by the Bulacan Provincial Public Affairs Office (PPAO)

CITY OF MALOLOS–Bulacan Gov. Daniel Fernando has dismissed reports that he suffered from a stroke and assured his worrisome constituents that he is well and fine and is just taking enough rest at home.

Fernando with Vice Gov. Alexis Castro appeared on a live video on Wednesday night inside his house and addressed residents that he is now in better health.

“Mga kababayan kong Bulakenyo, wala pong nangyari sa akin, walang nangyaring stroke, nagpapahinga lang po ako. Thank you. Wala pong ganun,” (My fellow Bulakenyos, nothing bad had happened to me. I did not suffer a stroke. There was no truth to that. I am just taking a rest), the governor said.

Castro made an introduction in the live video message addressing the public that the governor is in best shape and is just taking enough rest.

Earlier during the day, Fernando’s sister Thenie F. Ramirez-Bautista and the Bulacan Provincial Public Affairs Office (PPAO) confirmed that the governor is just taking a full rest.

According to a report released by PPAO, the governor is on his way to full recovery and is expected to go back to work in full swing after a few days of quality rest.

Accordingly, Dr. Berwyn Flores, Fernando’s cardiologist said the governor has just suffered  “exhaustion, over fatigue and dehydration,” the PPAO statement said. 

The governor was rushed to a hospital on Monday night after he failed to deliver his message when he was called on stage as guest of honor and speaker on the “Salamat Bulacan” Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community event at the Capitol Gymnasium in this city as part of the week-long Sept. 8-15 Sining Kalinangan ng Bulacan (Singkaban) Festival.

He smiled and tried his best to say something but he could not go on. He pointed towards his chest and then waved his hand and called on stage Castro. He then leaned on him and whispered to him. The vice governor could not similarly say anything and just tightly embraced the governor and lead him towards the stage. 

A viral video of that moment had spread out since Tuesday, describing the governor to have suffered from a stroke. 

On Sunday, other than the daily Singkaban activities and his paper works in the Capitol, he attended a 5:00 am program at Bulacan Sports Complex with DILG Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. 

Bulakenyos have all been worried and many have started to cry and prayed for his immediate recovery.

“He is okay. He just had an over fatigue,” Bautista told NEWS CORE referring to a statement they issued in the social media account of Damayang Filipino Movement Inc, the non-government organization health group of the governor and his family. 

 Fernando has been untiringly conducting relief operations to flood victims in different towns and cities brought by typhoon Egay, Habagat, Falcon and high tide where he talked for 30-45 minutes in every distribution in each barangay advising and encouraging residents to care for the environment to help abate flooding and environmental degradation. 

The governor has sent his appreciation to all who have prayed for him and those who wished him well, both the public and his fellow public servants. 

“Fernando expressed deep gratitude for the well wishes, prayers and messages of concern from his family, friends, fellow public servants and Bulacan citizens. His doctors advised him to undergo medical work ups to ensure his overall good health,” the PPAO statement said. 

Flores hailed the governor for carrying out his public duties “without disruption”. He assured Bulakenyos that the governor is expected to come back in full swing after a few days of adequate rest.