Dr. Rosalyn Cabuco (center) during the launching Sunday of her Gusto Ko Healthy Ka Foundation Inc. together with other group officers. Photo by Anton Luis Reyes Catindig

CITY OF SAN JOSE DEL MONTE, Bulacan–A breast cancer survivor doctor on Sunday launched a foundation that seeks to treat fellow cancer patients including senior citizens, pregnant women, children and other sick people in and outside the city and the province. 

Dr. Rosalyn Cabuco, a breast cancer survivor in 2017 through her “Dr. Cabuco Hospital” provides regular support for the chemo therapy need of ten fellow breast cancer patients, monthly maintenance medicines to some 3,000 senior citizens in the 59 villages (barangays), had helped operated 400 patients with eye cataract and some 500 pregnant women in caesarian and normal deliveries. 

Cabuco launched her “Gusto Ko Healthy Ka” Foundation coinciding with her 61st birth anniversary to share the blessing of healing she experienced by serving the needs of other people even outside the city and the province. She is the founding president of the foundation.

Established in 2017, after Cabuco was diagnosed with cancer, the Gusto Ko Healthy Ka Foundation has also been providing free vitamins to children including feeding programs. 

Dr. Rosalyn Cabuco with fellow officers in the Gusto Ko Healthy Ka Foundation Inc. on board of one of their their medical service vehicle in delivering the monthly maintenance medicines to some 3,000 residents. Photo by Anton Luis Reyes Catindig

Parenting seminar were also conducted to almost all the schools in the city in partnership with volunteer doctor former city health officer Dr. Betzaida Banaag and the city government, according to Foundation Board of Director Victor Sajorda. The seminar aims to educate the children that good attitude, good behavior and discipline are key to good health. 

The Foundation also provides “Buntis to Binyag” or “B-B” caring program wherein they provide seminars on pre natal care, breastfeeding, family planning, vaccination and immunization. 

Cabuco said that her grandfather who was blind inspired her to become a doctor and care for others. Her dream was to become an architect but because of the plea of her grandfather she took the path of being a doctor even though not in the field of eye medicine but an O.B. Gynecologist. 

“Don’t be a carpenter, be a doctor, especially an eye doctor so that you can help blind people like me to see the beauty of the world,” she recalled as then the words of her folk. 

An elected councilor in the town, she said her being a councilor will give her more avenue to serve the sick and and the poor.