Police processing the scene of the crime in Barangay Niugan, City of Malolos. Bulacan Police photo

CITY OF MALOLOS–Another convenience store robbery hold-up suspect was killed in a week’s time of their illegal activities in this city and adjacent town. 

Police Colonel Charlie Cabradilla, Bulacan police director said an unidentified suspect was killed when police retaliated on his fires while he and his companion evaded a police checkpoint in Barangay Niuagan at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The suspects who were armed with short firearms robbed the Alfamart convenience store in Barangay Sumapang Matanda at around 2:20 a.m.

City of Malolos policemen immediately set up a police checkpoint in Niugan where the suspects were headed. 

When the suspects refused to stop and instead fired on the police, one of them was killed as the law men fired back.

City of Malolos police chief Col. Ferdinand Germino said they recovered P177,000 from the P200,000 cash day’s  sale  of the convenience store that was carted away by the suspects.

They also recovered the three cellphones of the store crews. 

Last week, a believed robbery suspect from Pampanga who victimized an Alfamart store in Paombong town was also killed. 

Both of the companions of the killed suspects in the two incidents however, managed to escape.