The flooded MacArthur highway in Bocaue during rainy days affecting the flow of traffic. NEWS CORE file photo

BOCAUE, Bulacan–Floods triggering heavy congestion along MacArthur highway and other low lying areas in this town during rainy days are expected to be addressed after the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) had installed three pumping stations connected to the town’s river.

DPWH First District Engineering Office chief Henry Alcantara showed Senator Joel Villanueva the already installed pumping stations in Barangay Lolomboy and Bunlo last week including the works in the Bocaue River and other tributaries.

The project which costs P292-million came from the budget of Villanueva will pump out flood water along the MacArthur highway and low lying barangays and sitios towards Bocaue River. 

Villanueva said he also made talks with DPWH national officials over the full upgrading of the remaining damaged part of the MacArthur highway in Bocaue, Balagtas, Guiguinto and other areas in Bulacan which continue to shame the province for having “lubakan” roads which are not only eye sore to residents and tourists but more so are burden to the daily motorists. 

Villanueva said weighing scales will now be operated on along MacArthur highway following talks he made with DPWH officials. The weighing scale will be used in the implementation of anti overloading law.

Alcantara said his office has also started the works for the P3.5 billion worth Bocaue-Balagtas Diversion road and Bypass that will fastly link Bocaue to Bulakan town where the  P754- billion worth new Manila International Airport project of San Miguel Corporation will be built.

He said they are now in the process of expropriating about two hectares lot properties owned by six families in a portion in Barangay Matungao.

Alcantara said the project will become an alternative route to the heavily congested Bocaue-Balagtas areas of the MacArthur highway going to Bulakan town and would reduce a 20 minute travel time for motorists.

Late Bocaue Mayor Joni Villanueva who died of ailment May last year brain child the said road improvement and anti flooding projects through the help of her senator brother.