[Manila, Sept 23] – The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) held a crucial meeting with Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs (BOC), Jet Maronilla, to address and clarify the BOC’s policies concerning the importation of electric vehicles. The meeting, which took place last Sept 23, was pivotal in ensuring a seamless and efficient process for importing electric vehicles into the Philippines.

During the meeting, Assistant Commissioner Jet Maronilla emphasized the significance of correct classification as he acknowledged the unique challenges faced by the BOC due to the youthfulness of the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines. He stated that the BOC is in the midst of overcoming these initial challenges, as the electric vehicle industry is rapidly expanding, thanks to the recent implementation of the EVIDA law.

EVAP President, Edmund Araga, announced that EVAP is committed to working towards the exemption of EVAP member companies from the BOC’s Import Assessment System (IAS). This initiative aims to streamline the clearance process, making it more efficient for EVAP members. Subject to usual post clearance audit process.

EVAP Chairman Rommel Juan expressed optimism about the proactive approach taken by EVAP and the BOC to clarify importation policies at this early stage of the electric vehicle industry’s growth. This collaboration aims to pave the way for a smoother and more efficient importation process for electric vehicles, ensuring that this transformative industry continues to flourish in the Philippines.