Fireworks regular buyers flock to Turo Pyrozone in Bocaue, the considered fireworks capital of the country on Dec. 28, barely three days before the new year celebration. Photo by Anton Luis Reyes Catindig

BOCAUE, Bulacan–Despite a more than one hundred percent increase in prices, fireworks products still sell like hot potatoes in this considered fireworks capital of the country, barely three days before the new year celebration. 

Hijara Asliah, 45, from Tanay, Rizal have to spent the night in a stall in Turo Pyro zone 2 area on Tuesday to wait for the following day delivery of stocks.

At about 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, piles of what she purchased P150,000 assorted fireworks were packed and ready for loading to her vehicle.

The products are for resale in a tent in her place. “There were no readily available stocks, I have to wait until the next day. Instead of going home and back again, we sleep in our van,” she said. 

Attendants at a store owned by Melissa Multo in the same Pyro zone now sell at P2,500 the previously P1,200 Chinese Judas Belt. 

The P2,500 aerial shots are now sold at P3,500. 

The previous P500-P700 per bundle of 100 pieces of regular kuwitis is now P1,000 and the jumbo kuwitis previously sold at P1,200 per bundle of 100 pieces is now sold at P2,500.

The 200 rounds of sawa previously sold at P200 is now at P250 and the P500.00 worth 1,000 rounds is now priced at P950. Sawa also comes in variants of 1,000 and 2,000 rounds. 

Regular fountains are sold at P50.00 from the previous P25.00 and P30.00.

At Dinglasan Turo Pyrozone 2, stores are jumpacked with buyers from as far as Laguna, Pangasinan and different places in Metro Manila.

Last Dec. 8, buyers from as far as Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and Quezon drove to Mendoza store for P30,000-P100,000 personal use and re-sale purposes.

During the annual last few days of December new year fireworks sales in this considered fireworks stalls in the country, motorists encounter heavy traffic along Turo road including the MacArthur highway because of last minute rush fireworks sales.