ILPS Commission 10 Stands with Charlotte Kates! Drop the charges! Free Palestine!


The ILPS Commission 10

The ILPS Commission 10 stands in solidarity with Charlotte Kates, and Samidoun in pushing back against Zionist and imperialist repression. Charlotte is the International Coordinator of Samidoun (Palestinian Prisoner Network), and has been a strong voice of international solidarity against the US-backed Zionist occupation and for Palestine’s liberation. 

This week, while commuting home, Charlotte was arrested by Vancouver Police for a speech she gave last April 26. In the speech, Charlotte has called for support to the Palestinian peoples resistance and the delisting of Palestinian organizations from the “terrorists list” in Canada. Because of her anti-genocide, anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist stance, Charlotte is now being charged with “public incitement of hatred” and “willful promotion of hatred.”

In the past couple of years, Charlotte has worked closely with the ILPS Commission 10 in facilitating solidarity in many of the commission’s discussions and webinars in solidarity with Palestine. She has been an active voice in raising the concerns of political prisoners especially of the Palestinians, oppressed minorities, nations, Indigenous Peoples. Her unwavering support of the Palestinian and anti-imperialist cause has greatly contributed in exposing the crimes of Zionism and imperialism in Palestine and elsewhere. 

As we draw near towards the anniversary of Nakba, Zionism and imperialism’s effort to save face from its own moral and political bankruptcy seems to see no end. These attacks against anti-genocide and peace-loving activists are in essence an attack to the Palestinian people and their cause to liberate themselves. Zionism and its imperialist-backers try to delegitimize our cause by conveniently branding us people that “incite hate”, “terrorists” and other derogatory terms. 

Despite these barbaric and fascist efforts, the Palestinian people is steadfast in its goal to end Zionism and rid Palestine of imperialist domination. We take inspiration from the Palestinian people’s courage and determination to struggle for liberation and self-determination.

ILPS Commission 10 calls for the immediate dropping of these absurd charges against Charlotte Kates. We likewise reaffirm our commitment to continue standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Zionist occupation, imperialist war, and fascist reaction. 

Drop the charges against Charlotte Kates!
Free Palestine!

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