IMPULSES: ‘Everything is grace’


By Herman M. Lagon

Each moment, event, and encounter carries a whisper of grace in our lives. This notion, deeply rooted in spiritual wisdom, especially in the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux and the essence of Ignatian spirituality, tells us that grace intertwines with our daily experiences, shaping a life rich with meaning and purpose.

Grace, a free and unearned favor, is not confined to the dramatic or divine interventions often depicted in religious texts or movies. It is present in the simplicity of waking up to a new day, where the first breath we take in the morning is not just a biological function but a gift. Each morning offers a new beginning, a fresh start graced with possibilities.

Consider the grace in challenges and hardships. When we face difficulties, it is easy to feel abandoned or alone. Yet, St. Therese of Lisieux teaches us that everything—even contradictions, humiliations, and burdens—directly affects divine love. These experiences teach us humility and make us aware of our frailties, which can deepen our reliance on and intimacy with the divine.

There is grace in every smile from a stranger or kindness from a friend. These moments of connection remind us of the goodness in humanity and the ever-present love that flows through our interactions. These small graces accumulate, building a tapestry of a fulfilled life.

Even in loss and grief, where the world seems dim, grace quietly works. In mourning, we often find a community ready to hold us up, share our burdens, and help us carry our grief. The support and compassion we receive during these times highlight the grace in human solidarity.

Grace humbles us in our successes. There are many individuals to thank for all the help we’ve gotten along the way; we owe an outstanding debt of gratitude to everyone who has mentored, encouraged and believed in us. Recognizing this can keep our pride in check and our hearts grateful.

Grace also manifests in our failures. Each misstep is an opportunity to learn, grow, and understand that our imperfections are part of being human. These moments teach resilience and the courage to try again, each time more wisely.

Every act of forgiveness is an act of grace. Forgiveness, a tough nut for many to crack, liberates us from anger and resentment and heals relationships and hearts. It is a profound gift we can both give and receive, reflecting the grace that forgives us endlessly.

In the quiet of solitude, when we step back from the noise of the world, we encounter grace. Solitude offers a sacred space to reflect, meditate, and reconnect with ourselves and the divine, reminding us of the vast inner life within each of us.

Grace is in children’s laughter, whose innocence and joy remind us of the purity and simplicity of happiness. Their unguarded wonder and enthusiasm can rekindle our own, often jaded, perspectives.

Finally, grace is in the endurance of nature—the resilience of flora and fauna, the seasons that roll by with precision and beauty, teaching us the grace of transformation and renewal.

Rather than being a mere declarative statement, “Everything is grace” is an impassioned plea to see the sacred in the ordinary. Everyday life becomes a path of ongoing spiritual awakening as it pushes us to be more mindful, appreciative, and receptive.

Grace is not just an occasional favor but an ever-present reality; keep this in mind as you go about your day. It is in everything and through everything. With this realization, may we live more fully, love more deeply, and appreciate the intricate dance of grace that weaves through our ordinary moments, turning them into extraordinary revelations of the divine at work.

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