By Carmela Reyes-Estrope

SAN ILDEFONSO–The mayor of this town who was known for her level-up generosity to her constituents during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown last year continue to draw the attention of many people today as she still actively show her care for them despite herself being infected with the disease.

Forty one year old Mayor Carla Galvez-Tan is saddened she could not write personal birthday greeting cards and letters to her folks this time because of her condition. However, she said, she continues sending them birthday cakes. 

“Now because I am sick, I could not write letters and greeting cards to all of you. But I am continuously sending to all of you your birthday cakes,” the mayor said in her social media account just before the weekend, two days after she tested positive from COVID 19. 

Other than sending birthday cakes to some 3,000 barangay officials and volunteers who joined and supported her in preparing the lockdown “ayuda” goodies during Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) last year, today, she sends fruit plates to similarly COVID 19 infected residents in the town.

On Friday, she said, 56 new COVID cases were recorded in the town.

Tan urged every resident to strictly follow the health protocol to lessen the number of infected.

Tan in her social media account post the following day after her positive swab test result came out on March 16, said that before she fell sick to the disease, she regularly writes birthday greetings and letters and sends cakes to birthday celebrants from among the 3,000 village officials and volunteers who helped her packed the “ayuda” for all the residents during the pandemic.

“Since after that hard lock down, I see to it that every time I went home, I personally write them letters and greeting cards and send them birthday cakes the next morning out of my own money. That is my simple way of thanking and appreciating back the help they did,” she said on her post. 

She felt disturbed and saddened that because of her present health condition, she could not continue writing the letters and cards. She assured them that she will return to the same tasks after she recovered from the disease. 

“Covid 19 is no joke and it is really difficult to experience it,” she said.

The mayor has a countdown of her daily battle with the disease updating her people of her worsening and finally improving condition.

Tan is on a home quarantine. She also regularly posts pictures of fruits, flower, other foods and goods her constituents brought her and thank them for their kindness in remembering her.

She said she has yet to recover her taste but she is very thankful and blessed from the prayers, love and moral support sent to her everyday by so many people particularly her constituents, friends and relatives during this difficult time. 

Other than the generosity during the COVID 19 pandemic of giving fish, vegetables, whole chicken and frozen goods, Tan also gained the people’s admiration for her efforts which lifted San Ildefonso into the next level progress and development.


Mayor Carla Galvez-Tan writing the birthday greeting cards and letters to her constituents before the pandemic. Photo from Mayor Carla Galvez-Tan’s Facebook Account