Introducing Joswil Calingacion: A Visual Communication Strategist Freelancer


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 With a love of design and business, Joswil Calingacion also known as “Wil” is in the league of creatives to pursue the journey of servicing start-up businesses and creating captivating brand designs. In his 7th year of collective experience, Wil assisted over 53 known brands in different industries and helped utilize their media platforms to allow them to attract current clients and new markets.

“Visual Communication is not an easy skill to possess. It takes guts to allow businesses to invest in creativity, which is one of the hardest things to do when you’re an established brand.” – Wil Calingacion

To continuously practice and hone the skill is what he is passionate about. The power of design thinking allowed him to redirect his Business & Leadership skills to Dgtl. Marketing when the digital world of advertising majorly shifted in the year 2019.

Packed with experience in developing his own creative business, he ignites brand owners and motivates them to push a unique brand identity that can defy a market.

Using visual communication methodologies, Wil continuously help companies overcome challenges by focusing on empathetic and customer-centric designs.

Now, he is on the move to refine his strategic design leadership by teaching design fundamentals and improving communication skills by managing a community of 75+ creative individuals locally. Join the his FB community here:

Socials FB: Joswil Calingacion IG: @jswlxclngcn Linkedin: Joswil Collanted Calingacion  

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