Jemmarie Bocalbos: A Multifaceted Multimedia Professional in a Dynamic Career Landscape


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Jemmarie Bocalbos exemplifies the spirit of adaptability and continuous growth. As a Multimedia Professional dabbling in multimedia marketing and sales, she uses her expertise to help individuals and businesses enhance their products and services. Her career journey, characterized by several transitions, is a testament to her resilience and versatility.

From a young age, Jemmarie’s passion for arts and crafts, drawing, designing, and writing fueled her creativity. She created and sold accessories to her classmates and honed her drawing skills, inspired by her love for gaming and anime. This passion led her to pursue a degree in Multimedia Arts in college.

Upon graduating, Jemmarie embarked on a diverse career path. She worked as a web developer for a multi-level network marketing company, transitioned to a digital marketing manager for a women’s shoe brand, and later ventured into freelance marketing. Prior to the pandemic, she balanced a full-time role as a creative design specialist with part-time instructing at Creative Nation Academy, contributing to Social Media Academy, and managing the Social Media Manager and Growth Hackers community. Later on she was awarded the Graphic Artist Philippines Mentorship award from 2017-2018 and she became an administrator for the group.  She later on explored business development as a Business Development Manager, expanding her professional horizons.

In the third quarter of 2022, Jemmarie shifted her focus from a primarily design-oriented career to one centered on business development and sales. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the value of being a generalist, which has allowed her to develop a broad range of skills applicable in various positions.

Currently, Jemmarie leads a team of creative designers at a multinational company headquartered in the United States. Despite her demanding role, she continues to take on freelance jobs related to multimedia marketing and sales.

Embracing Change and Sharing Knowledge

Jemmarie thrives on the constant evolution of the design, marketing, and sales industries. Working with a Creative Process Outsourcing agency, she remains curious and motivated to learn, especially as these fields rapidly advance with technology. The rise of Artificial Intelligence in 2023 initially caused her concern, but she quickly recognized the opportunities for growth and the unique contributions humans can still make.

Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Jemmarie aims to leave a legacy by imparting her experiences, insights, and learnings through social media. She believes in the importance of giving back and inspiring others.

Staying Connected and Positive

Jemmarie’s favorite social networking site is Facebook, due to its versatility in sharing various types of content. However in recent years LinkedIn has started to grow on her. Her personal mantra, “Think Positive,” reflects her transformation from a pessimistic outlook to a more optimistic perspective. She also embraces Nike’s slogan “Just do it,” advocating for action over regret.

Professional Affiliations and Contributions

Jemmarie Ann V. Bocalbos is a dedicated Multimedia Marketer committed to helping people develop their best selves and improve their products and services. She is a Creative Design Specialist, part-time instructor at Creative Nation Academy, contributor to Social Media Academy, and admin for Graphic Artist Philippines. She holds certifications as an Adobe Certified Professional, Adobe Community Expert, and Adobe Express Ambassador. Additionally, she conducted a technical review of the book “Extending Creativity with Adobe Firefly” by Rollan Banez, published by Packt.

Throughout her career, Jemmarie has been inspired by industry mentors such as Rollan Bañez, Delby Bragais, and Aiza King. Their generous sharing of knowledge has been instrumental in her growth. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences, believing that these contributions help others navigate their own career paths.

Final Thoughts

Jemmarie’s career journey is a powerful reminder that embracing change and taking risks can lead to unexpected opportunities and personal growth. Her story inspires others to pursue a nonlinear career path, recognizing that such journeys can result in valuable skills and new perspectives on the creative industry.

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