Jennifer Suico takes the lead in operating e-Bikes together with her partner, Limwell Morales.

While the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected some people’s businesses, Jennifer Suico, a native of Davao City, experienced the reverse.

When the pandemic restricted conventional transportation options, the demand for alternative modes grew. Seizing this, Jennifer, along with her partner Limwell Morales, introduced e-Bikes to the community.

Initially, they began with just two e-Bikes. Navigating through challenges, they faced resistance from TODA (Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Association). The local area, dominated by padyak tricycles, was hesitant to welcome this new mode of transport. But after five challenging months, Jennifer and Limwell successfully began their e-Bike operation.

With the growing popularity of e-Bikes, she decided to add more units and even opened doors to sell units from other operators. From just two, their units grew to 17. Transforming the transport landscape further, former padyak drivers became her operators. Aside from earning an income, she also provided employment in their neighborhood.

Operating round-the-clock, they have a team offering transport services from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with a new team taking over for the night shift.

Apart from e-Bikes, they also have three multi-tenant houses as another source of income. They were able to buy property, send their children to private school, and upgrade their home thanks to her flourishing businesses.

Reflecting on her journey, Suico emphasizes the importance of nurturing one’s business. “It is crucial to care for and grow your business because, in time, you will get the sweet taste of success,” she said.

Journey with CARD

Jennifer’s clientship with CARD Bank, a microfinance-oriented rural bank, has become her shoulder to lean on. As a loyal client for over 12 years, she has also become a konek2CARD agent. Serving as a bridge between the bank and the community, she facilitates various transactions including cash transfers, loan payments, bill settlements, and e-loading.

Initially, Jennifer noted that some clients were hesitant about konek2CARD because they found technology intimidating. But they realized the convenience it offers, especially during weekends or holidays.

Jennifer’s story is a story of resilience, innovation, and the spirit of community upliftment during challenging times.