Three of the eight suspects being presented on Friday by City of Malolos police chief Col. Ferdinand Germino (in the middle) to Mayor Christian Natividad (left). Photo by Malolos police

CITY OF MALOLOS–Police on Friday solve the murder of a 32 year old Person With Disability (PWD) after they artested the 18 year old primary suspect five days following the Jan. 1 incident or barely few hours after the new year revelry. 

Bulacan Police Director Col. Relly Arnedo said Joshua Paolo Magsakay of Barangay Anilao was arrested by Malolos police at around 2:30 a.m. in Barangay Caniogan. He and his seven cohorts–Hadjie Nhor alyas “Aladin Tumambiling” and Edwin alyas Wenden Edora Estrella and five minors–alias Lawrence, JC, Ryan and Kalbo and still at large identified as Aljay stabbed dead PWD Christopher Velasco from Barangay San Gabriel.

The three suspects first presented to City of Malolos police chief Col. Ferdinand Germino.  Photo by Malolos police

City of Malolos police chief Col. Ferdinand Germino said Magsakay and the seven other suspects spotted the victim while walking along the intersection of Barangay Sto. Nino at around 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 1 and suddenly made fun of him. Magsakay, with the help of other suspects started stabbing him the victim until he fell down on the ground and died instantaneously.

Germino said the victim who is suffering from ten years of mental disruption went out of their house after the 12 midnight Sunday, Dec. 31 new year revelry and walked going to Barangay Caniogan and then bound to Barangay Caingin when the suspects hit him. 

Arnedo said Magsakay who is the primary suspect also stabbed one of the arresting police officers during the arrest operation early on Friday. Luckily, the officer evaded being hit. 

Mayor Christian Natividad had offerred P200,000 for the arrest of Magdakay. 

Germino said the case is now considered solved while they are still hunting down alias Aljay.