Malolos City Mayor Christian Natividad

CITY OF MALOLOS–Women welders  including other weaker job labor sectors–senior citizens, solo parents and persons with disability (PDL) are given the opportunities for international and local jobs under the post pandemic economic recovery program of the city government.

Mayor Christian Natividad said on Tuesday that Japanese firms he had talked with last week are seeking women welders for urgent jobs as part of the economic rebuilding of Japan from the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Natividad returned home on Friday from a 3-day official trip in Japan where he had talks with offiicials and private company heads in Japan for urgent hiring of the workers. 

Male plumbers and welders are sought for the job but women welders are the most in demand, the mayor said.

“They want male welders, male construction workers, but they wanted even more the Filipino women welders because of their high quality, well polished and very fine works,” Natividad told reporters. 

The city government is now accepting applicants for the job as they will undergo welding training with Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) and Nihongo language learning.

The mayor said that during his previous term, he had previously sent women welders and other skilled workers in Japan and earned P150-P200,000 monthly. 

He said, today, women welders can earn as high as P300,000. 

Vice Mayor Miguel Tengco Bautista is now prioritizing the pasaage of a city ordinance conceptualized and endorsed by Natividad for huge office and manufacturing companies in the city to hire still abled senior citizens, PWD and solo parents. 

The mayor said about 100 companies would have to give work opportunities to about more than 1,000 senior citizens, solo parents and PWD’s in the city. 

Malolos has 282,000 population which senior citizens, PWD’s and solo parents is about 1-2% or 2,820-5,640. 

Hiring and placements in this job are expected to start next month, the mayor said.