CITY OF SAN JOSE DEL MONTE, Bulacan–Police arrested a 37-year old armed man who shot and wounded another man who is having an illicit affair with his live-in partner in Barangay San Pedro this city on Thursday. 

Bulacan Police Director Col. Rommel Ochave identified the suspect as Howen Evasco from San Rafael town and his victim as Fernando Musada, 34, from Barangay San Pedro this city. 

Musada with live-in partner Mary Jane Cagadas, 34, was sleeping inside the room of their house when at about 5:00 a.m, the suspect suddenly entered, poked a gun to them and fired it hitting Musada on the right side of his head. 
Col. Allan Palomo, City of San Jose del Monte police chief said the three are involved in a love-triangle. Palomo however, failed to give more details. 

The suspect then immediately fled but he was cornered and was arrested by residents, relatives of Musada and police personnel assigned in Community Precinct 4. 

Frustrated murder and violation to RA 10591 Omnibus Election Code (gun ban law) were filed against the suspect.