Some of the youth gang members in City of Malolos during the start of the city’s crackdown operations against them and them due to their involvement in various criminal activities. Photo by Malolos police

CITY OF MALOLOS—Mayor Christian Natividad has started a crackdown on close to 30 juvenile delinquent gangs after one of the groups which had been involved in series of crimes stabbed dead a Person With Disability (PWD) on Jan. 1. 

A stricter implementation of the 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. curfew in all the 51 villages is now being enforced since Friday after police intelligence report disclosed that at least 22 youth gangs in the city, all composed of minors are involve in different crimes victimizing helpless victims. 

Natividad identified the gangs as Malolos Bad Child, Go Smoke Merry, Bardagulan, OG Hood, 2Packs, Mafia Northville, Solid Barakuda Fam, Smoke Gang Sabitan, 4 Joints, 3 Joints, 2 Joints, 1 Joint in Barangay Bangkal, Tropamilya also in Bangkal, 2 RK Zordek, Trippings, TNF-Planta, Bangus-Tilapia-Galunggong, 4K, Tres Barakuda, El Jubis, 14K and Malolos $Shits$$. 

Col. Ferdinand Germino, City of Malolos police chief said they have only initially identified 22 gangs but the number of the youth criminal groups would climb to more than 30. 

He said his men with respective village watchmen now man all the major and inner roads in the 51 villages during the wee hours to go after the offensive youngsters.

Natividad identified Malolos Bad Child, a Barangay Caniogan-based gang headed by Joshua Paolo Magsakay, 18 as behind the killing of Christopher Velasco, 32, a PWD from Barangay San Gabriel.

Magsakay, and his still at large minor cohort and gang member known as alias “Aljay” were arrested by Malolos police on Friday in different locations and time five days after they stabbed Velasco dead together with two other earlier suspects Hadjie Nhor, 24, alyas ” Aladin Tumambiling” and Edwin Edora Estrella, 22, alias “Wenden”. Four other minors were also earlier arrested by the police. 

Germino said the suspects spotted the victim while walking along the intersection of Barangay Sto. Nino at around 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 1 just few hours after celebrating the new year in Caniogan streets and suddenly made fun of him. Magsakay then started stabbing the victim until he fell down on the ground where he died instantaneously due to multiple stab wounds on different parts of his body. 

Germino said the victim who is suffering from ten years of mental disruption went out of their house after the new year revelry and walked going to Barangay Caniogan. He was bound to Barangay Caingin when the suspects hit him. 

Magsakay also stabbed one of the arresting police officers during the arrest operation. Luckily, the officer evaded being hit. 

Germino said Magsakay and his group was also behind other stabbing incidents in the city last month. The gangs were also behind the robbery, snatching, illegal drug operations and other crimes in the city, it was learned.

Natividad has offered P200,000 worth of bounty for the arrest of Magsakay. 

The mayor also conducts series of talks to parents of the identified members to help stop the crime activities of the gang members and to also encourage their teenager children to do away from the gangs and criminal groups.