Pastures to Prosper


Mary Rose Javier

When we love what we do, we reap a good result.

This is what Daniel Aranda, 48, from Lipa City, Batangas, did as a herdsman. The work was undoubtedly difficult; hence, he chose to love what he did to provide for their family’s needs.

He used to look after a herd of cows from his uncle’s farm in Padre Garcia, Tanauan, Batangas, for PHP 50 per head before becoming the owner of his farm.

After years of day-to-day farm operations, Daniel’s knowledge of proper handling grew, and his interest in establishing his own farm intensified. He started saving money to buy four cows to finally start his own business.

“Taking care of cows has not only become a job for me but also my hobby. But I knew that working on other people’s farms wouldn’t be enough to lift me out of poverty, so I started saving money to purchase cows to sell,” Daniel said.

Reaching a hundred cows to be sold was never easy for Daniel and his wife as it took months of hard work, determination, and patience to achieve. He concentrated on raising his four cows until he was able to sell at least one each month.

He purchases a new cow every month after selling one or two previous ones. Difficulties in selling did not shake Daniel’s determination and dream of giving his children a better life.

Daniel felt the need to invest more in the growth of his farm. Aside from borrowing money from his late uncle to buy a truck, he joined CARD SME Bank, a thrift bank that provides loans to its clients.

“CARD SME Bank has been a great help to its clients, especially to small business owners like me. In times of need, CARD SME Bank provides loans that aid in the sustainability of our business,” he said.

Since 2011, Daniel has used his loans as additional capital to his farm. His good repayment rate allowed his loans to increase from PHP 5,000 to a much higher amount that he used for expansion.

Daniel grew his business through proper management and determination. His farm can now sustain the increasing demands in the Alaminos, San Pablo, San Juan, and Lipa areas. He now provides jobs to his relatives and neighbors just like what his uncle did.

“I can now assist others in the same way that I was helped in the past. I have had a challenging life, so I’m willing to lend a hand however I can. We can truly find great fulfillment by sharing our blessings and knowledge,” he said. Daniel aspires to create a positive impact on his community by instilling knowledge and hopes that one can start from nothing and thrive.

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