FOCAL LENS By: Nina Tablan – Villarete

FOCAL LENS By: Nina Tablan – Villarete

It has been a while since I last shared my insights in this local newspaper. I thank our dear lady Editor-in-Chief for the trust and support. Well, I must say the psycho-socio-emotional struggles one has, do play a huge toll in surviving this pandemic. It was not easy knowing people close to you got hit by the virus and finding yourself in deep prayers with all uncertainty to help them, in your own little way, to recover from it. Thus, the hiatus in writing just happened and just decided it has to end now, So, here I go again…

Do not feel you are alone because … you are not. Everybody struggles each day to survive. Mindset plays a vital weapon to survive the times and most importantly, PRAYERS. The unfounded fears enveloping us, the unknown future ahead, physical and mental pain, the financial strains and boredom are not easy to overcome, very true indeed but hey, look at you! You are still here. You are surviving. Take a PAUSE. Breath. Live each day one day at a time. You are brave enough to survive more than a year of this pandemic and you are still making it, right? Good job! Do you realize you just passed a series of mental and physical trials and hardships measuring your phenomenal strength as a person in this New Normal World we live in? Things will be better for us. You are not alone, remember? This all shall end. And let us believe it will.

Till next issue. Stay safe!

One day the world stopped without a warning. Spring did not know how to wait, showed up not a minute late.Streets erased of footprints. I lie here, fallen to the ground. Time goes by on its own without a single apology…”

– Life Goes On (BTS)