PrimeWater steadily grows in the City of Malolos


PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp., in partnership with the City of Malolos Water District, provides services to the City of Malolos and the Municipality of Paombong. With a joint venture that began almost three years ago, Malolos and Paombong concessionaires now experience notable service improvements and expansion projects.

The water wasted due to pipe leaks and connection losses is a big concern for the joint venture. In 2018, the Non-Revenue Water (NRW), or water not reaching the households, was 40%. It means that almost half of the water supply in the City of Malolos does not get to the residents’ faucets. Steadily, PrimeWater resolved the issue by conducting massive leak repairs and line rehabilitations. During its third year, PrimeWater targets to reduce NRW by almost half, or 22%, by the end of 2021.

Bulacan Bulkwater supply was a massive government project that PrimeWater City of Malolos welcomed with open hands. In 2019, to receive the water coming from the Ipo Dam, PrimeWater City of Malolos interconnected its line with the bulk water provider. 71% of the water supply of PrimeWater City of Malolos comes from this surface water source. 

Engineering innovations such as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) are also set to fast-track our development programs. One example of this is the pipe laying project from Tikay to Guinhawa, which was completed in just six months from the original one-year project timeline. As of press time, PrimeWater City of Malolos had completed 23,870 meters of pipelaying projects across its service area.

PrimeWater City of Malolos, with the support of the City of Malolos Water District, continuously addresses the issues in water supply, water pressure, water quality, aging distribution lines, lack of water storage, and non-revenue water in the Water District. With these general issues, additional capital expenditures are needed to ensure water sustainability.

PrimeWater added 3,844 new connections since it started operations. By 2027, the tenth year of the Joint Venture, the City of Malolos and Paombong’s population is expected to hit 357,505.

The Malolos joint venture would need 70,000 cubic meters of water per day at this population growth rate. To address and support this demand growth, infrastructure projects and additional service line connections are in the pipeline. As for the years to come, PrimeWater will use technology and innovations to expand its service coverage. 

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