Korean wave is continuously capturing the hearts of many Filipinos, and plenty of Korean-inspired products are now everywhere; from fashion to cosmetics, from food to drinks.

Samgyeopsal or Korean barbeque is obviously one of the most popular in terms of food choice, and lots of restaurants that offer unlimited Korean barbeque are now popping out.

A new Korean barbeque restaurant that offers a unique spin on this trend, SamgyeopMasarap recently opened in SM City San Jose del Monte.

Apparent on its name ‘SamgyeopMasarap’, the restaurant promises to offer delicious thin cut grilled pork belly.

As you enter the place, you will be served first with their side dishes: kimchi, fish cake, pickled onion, sweet and spicy anchovies, marble potatoes, kimchi radish, lettuce, soybean paste, sesame oil and bowl of rice.

Aside from pork barbeque, they also serve chicken and beef barbeque. Other dishes that would surely complete your Korean dining experience are egg rolls and japchae.

Sounds tasty? Visit SamgyeopMasarap located at the lower ground floor of SM City San Jose del Monte. You can also reach out to the restaurant at 0960-299-8802. And for more mall updates and promos, follow SM City San Jose del Monte’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SMCitySanJoseDelMonte/, official Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/smcitysanjose/, and official Tiktok account at https://www.tiktok.com/@smsanjosedelmonte.