Fresh vegetables and a complete food package for San Ildefonso residents who are under home quarantine. Photo from the FB page of Mayor Fernando "Gazo" Galvez

SAN ILDEFONSO, Bulacan–The effect of COVID-19 infection may have already weakened over the past few months, but the “ayuda” food packs of the municipal government for residents who are in home quarantine continues and remain healthy and nutritious. 

As of Thursday, all the 16 residents who are in home quarantine in different barangays received their respective sets of whole dressed chicken, 1 tray of eggs, 1 pack of hotdog,  other frozen goods, rice and a box of canned goods with fresh vegetables and condiments. Employees of the municipal government and the barangay deliver the goods in front of the patient’s respective houses.

Mayor Ferdando “Gazo” Galvez said the ayuda from the municipal government will continue as long as COVID-19 infects his folks.

“Many from those who tested positive are the parents who go outside of their houses to work. Having to absent and stop from work for days because of the disease, their means of earning for their family is crippled that’s why, we as their leaders should always have something to help and support them,” Galvez said.

The boxes of “ayuda” packs which San Ildefonso COVID-19 infected folks receive from the municipal government. Photo from the FB page of Mayor Fernando “Gazo” Galvez

The town’s relief goods today are more in quantity and in quality compared with the previous packs.

In Bulacan today, San Ildefonso is deemed one of the only very few municipalities and cities which continue to provide ayuda packs to COVID-19 infected residents undergoing home quarantine. In many towns, while COVID-19 also affect folks, ayuda packs stopped since Alert Level 1 has been implemented where people have already returned to their normal hours and days of work. 

San Ildefonso as of Thursday has 21 active COVID-19 cases, 3,631 recoveries, 205 deaths and 3,852 total number of cases since March 2020.

San Ildefonso was the first town in Bulacan which first recorded cases of COVID-19 death in 2020 when a  balikbayan couple arrived in their family’s home gathering.