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The world is speeding towards its destruction. The New World Order (NWO) cabal is implementing, full blast, its genocidal Great Reset agenda.

They are mobilizing all the institutions under their control to depopulate the planet, monitor and enslave those who survive, transform survivors into human cyborgs, and ultimately usher in the era of the post-human or transhuman world, governed by super-powerful artificial intelligence. In the process, the NWO is now destroying democracies around the world, including the US, so these once-free nations will not interfere with their nefarious and murderous plans for humanity.

A few days ago, considering this dystopian and apocalyptic state of the world, CCH made an announcement regarding its future focus and initiatives. As part of that announcement, CCH committed to helping its friends, subscribers, viewers, and readers conduct independent research to arrive at the truth. [1]

To properly deal with this global catastrophe in our individual and collective lives, the first essential, critical, and strategic step is to inform oneself where the truth really is. To take the appropriate action given one’s current condition and position in society means to be able to act on the basis of the truth.

CCH promised a kind of research guide to those who regularly monitor CCH research, articles, and videos. Below is the guide, a brief one. Use it in a totally free manner. Independently arrive at your own determination of objective truth by checking out the authenticity of the sources of information that you are using.

Discern the Truth No Matter What Information Source You Are Using

We live in a massive fog of disinformation. The trusted sources of information of yesteryears can no longer be trusted.

For example, the legacy media, the mainstream media (MSM), and social media controlled by Big Tech (Google, Facebook, etc.) have all either underreported, misreported, or lied regarding the war in Ukraine. Despite the obvious heavy casualties that Ukraine was suffering in the field, the controlled media kept on reporting on the ultimate victory.

Now, however, one of the top controlled media of the NWO, often used for disinformation, has come out with a highly critical article on Zelensky and Ukraine. Time magazine finally admitted that the Ukraine war was about to end with a Russian victory. Zelensky was “delusional” and his close advisers knew it and Ukraine was about to be finally defeated.[2]

However, if one closely followed the Ukraine war and sourced one’s information from various sources, mainstream ones, and vetted independent media, one already knew that Russia would ultimately decimate and defeat the Ukrainian forces. Now the NWO media is admitting it.

This is not about being a Russian shill, a label often used so often against those who would uphold the real story. This is about reporting how things are unfolding as it truly is.

Be Aware: Alternative Media Sources Can Also Spread Lies

The alternative media has mushroomed as a result of disinformation and censorship, especially in the years of the Covid Scamdemic. But we need to critically examine these new sources of information. They have also had their share of mistakes and, in some cases, malicious attempts at disinformation.

I will give you one troubling example. Here’s a huge clickbait of an announcement. It came from an alternative media source: The article claimed:

“World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab is a ‘globalist terrorist’ who is ‘holding humanity to ransom’, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who warned the elite that their New World Order has failed and their ‘days are numbered.’

…  “According to Putin, globalists including Schwab and his close advisors are ‘legitimate military targets’ because they have been actively attempting to seize power illegally via a globalist coup d’état.”

For those following the war in Ukraine and the role of the NWO in that war, this was huge news. So, I immediately checked the sources of this article. There was no such announcement by Putin against Klaus Schwab.

Maybe Putin did say it but it was buried somewhere in his almost two-hour speech in Valdai. Wanting to make sure and be thorough, I listened to the entire speech of Putin and other sources connected with it. That process ate up a good four hours of my time.

But then, I took a further step, I wrote an email to this alternative news outlet sharing the results of my research with them. I politely asked them to point out to me where in Putin’s speech the latter actually said that the days of Klaus Schwab are numbered.

One month has passed by. That alternative news outlet did not answer my request for clarification and confirmation.

In the end, it was clear to me that this headline from The People’s Voice TV was clickbait. Worst, it was disinformation. In trying to advance its narrative, and get people to visit their website, this outlet used disinformation hoping that maybe its reader will not verify the source of the story. (Other alternative news sources blindly shared this lie.) Clearly, The People’s Voice TV is not a reliable source of information and is a source of misinformation.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who have displayed this behavior. Some alternative news outlets, emotionally attached to their perspective of the world, would actually cross the red line from truth to disinformation in order to attract people to their side. This is unethical and does not serve to advance its cause.

Prelude to Good Research

I have given this example in detail for a number of reasons.

First, we know that the controlled mainstream media is no longer a trusted source of information and analysis. The evidence for this can be found etched in many Congressional hearings, revelations by Elon Musk, and exposures by others. We have many examples of disinformation by the mainstream media that we have covered on our website.[3]

Second, in the guide that follows below, especially on alternative media, it would be important for CCH friends not to be naïve in their attitude toward these sources of information. What they write cannot be taken at face value. Subject them to equal scrutiny or you will end up living in a fantasy world. Worst, you will have no power to change anything because your action will be based on a quicksand of lies.

However, there is an important caveat here. Eventually, when one has to lie, it is unusual that one tells a full lie, that is, every part of the story is a lie. Liars rarely do that because others, less smart than them, could easily debunk what they are saying. So usually they would give some truthful facts but spice the other parts of their stories with lies. This would make their narrative more believable in the eyes of others. Therefore, you can use the truthful part of the lie for your purposes.

Therefore, if you think that you have been able to develop the powers of discernment between truths and lies, still include mainstream sources of information (whether NWO-controlled) and questionable alternative media sources (like the People’s Voice TV above) in your research. Just know how to discern snippets of truth from these sources and set aside the obvious rubbles of lies mixed with actual facts.

In the pursuit of improving your research effectiveness, try to keep a mental or written note on whether a source is mostly false or truthful. Place the most consistently truthful in your list of priority sources that you will use. However, never let your guard down. Make Truth an unshakeable part of your character and being. That will increase your credibility with yourself, your friends, and the world.

Sources of Information

CCH will now list sources for your research on the different aspects of world developments. CCH will avoid describing whether an alternative media source is reliable or not for reasons already explained above.

The list below includes some mainstream media outlets for whatever value you can derive from them. They cover all the categories listed below. But kindly note the massive disinformation in mainstream media and how to distinguish between their facts and disinformation. We discussed this above.

Many mainstream media have paywalls. Others do not. I have chosen to give the links for both kinds of mainstream media in case some of you want to pay a certain amount to get their news. However, even if you do not pay and cannot access the full news, it is sometimes important to see what the mainstream media is covering.

You will note that a number of media sources will be found in the different subject categories. This means that they also have extensive coverage on the subject matter.

You will also note that some of these links have extensive coverage of all kinds of topics. But I just placed them in one or a few categories. You will know their other areas of coverage when you take a look at them. In a sense, they are like some of the mainstream media cited below.

CCH has also included some social media links. We all know that Facebook and other giant social media are heavily censored. Facebook has banned CCH several times in the past. These social media platforms are a source of alternative news.

I have included X (Twitter) here because X has censorship but is not as problematic as the other platforms. In the uncensored part of X, there are important sources of information that are not so visible and accessible in both mainstream and alternative media. Also, one can find a lot of breaking news in X on almost all kinds of topics.

By the way, CCH is also in Telegram, a social media platform included below. Our channel on Telegram is Covid Call to Humanity (CCH1333)

You will note that the New World Order category holds the most links. This is because these websites cover all the other topics listed below, including the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, the Covid scam, Climate lockdowns, censorship, the takedown of the US, the institutions that facilitate the implementation of the Great Reset, and so on.

In effect, when you search the articles and videos in the NWO category, you will also get news on the latest developments in all the other categories.

Most important of all, these websites are astute enough to contextualize their reports from the perspective of the plans of the New World Order for global genocide and control.

We can make a related observation with websites covering the war in Ukraine. They also tend to cover the war in Gaza.

By the way, the reverse is also true. A website may start with articles mostly focused on Covid. Then you will notice it graduates to other topics including censorship, disinformation, corrupt medical institutions, failure of regulatory institutions, cultural wars, the New World Order, and other larger and more comprehensive topics.

Why is this? Researchers in narrow areas of concern, including Covid, begin to notice that they cannot avoid looking deeper into the disinformation and even psychological warfare being waged upon citizens of the world. They follow the chain of causes.

They ultimately confront the reality of a world power, the New World Order, in this case, that manipulates governments, media, medical institutions, and so on. In short, they can only fully understand the lack of science, the fraud, the lies, and the massive violation of laws that litter the desolate landscape of Covid when they understand the larger sinister power behind all this corruption and destruction.

This was certainly what happened to CCH itself.

In short, many of the websites below may initially focus on a specific topic area, eg. Covid or Climate lockdowns, and eventually end up reporting on related topics that are driving forces behind the phenomena of Covid and other issues in the world.

Thus, if a website is placed under a specific category, it would be possible that, when you open the website, you may find articles not about Covid but about something else, most likely the war in Gaza, which has currently captured the world’s attention. But scroll down to find other topics. Then you will find that, indeed, the CCH has properly placed the website in its specific category.

The category of censorship and disinformation does not seem to have many links. However, the links in the other categories have a lot of articles on censorship and disinformation because these latter are now so pervasive. The same can be said on the topic of “culture wars”.

Reality is difficult to place in neat categories. Reality is seamless and interrelated. One can differentiate points of emphasis but not divide websites into tight categories. Reality cannot be straight-jacketed into cognitive placemats of the human mind. We need to be the ones to adjust to Reality.

The listing of websites below is not complete. There are literally thousands of websites out there that can be useful in one’s research. But we only have so many hours in a day. However, if one is clear about one’s research questions and purpose, then one can easily navigate through the websites below and beyond.

There are websites that I have included below that may no longer be accessible. One of them is Daily Clout. This is one of the most important websites on the Covid issue. It is a non-stop analysis of the tens of thousands of pages of Pfizer confidential documents that a US court ordered to be released to the public.

This website has been so effective that it is now shadow-banned. I can no longer access the website. But I am still including it in case the shadow ban is lifted in the near future. Or maybe you can access them but I cannot access them because I am the one who is being shadow-banned. Hard to know.

There are also cases of some who have had a huge massive impact in a specific area but have no dedicated website documenting in detail his/her work. This is the case with Dr. David E. Martin in the area of the Covid Scamdemic. He was the whistleblower hero of Pandemic 2, the documentary that has reached almost a billion views despite being heavily banned. Dr. Martin also gave a talk before the European Union on May 2023 on why the so-called Covid pandemic was, in reality, a bioweapon designed to inflict millions of genocidal deaths on humans all over the world. Over two billion people have viewed that talk.

In the list below, we just placed the proper search term, “David E. Martin on Covid”, for those interested in looking further into his work. That search will bring to them to most of the important work of David Martin, articles and videos, scattered all over the Internet. They cannot be found in one place.

Another is Scott Ritter, a former intelligence officer, former US Marines, and UN nuclear weapons inspector. Based on his first-hand experiences, Ritter has provided very powerful counter-perspectives on the wars in Ukraine and Gaza that have neutralized disinformation in these war theaters. As a result of his effective truth-telling, the intelligence operatives in Ukraine have placed Ritter on its hit list of persons to be assassinated.

While he has a website, this website does not contain all the dozens of video interviews with him by people from different parts of the world. One may agree or disagree with his views. But he is definitely an important source of information on these topic areas.

The most important part of the journey is your question. What is your burning question? That will guide you through the entangled process of discerning between truth and lies as you read through one article or another; as you view one video to the next. Eventually, using your powers of discernment, you will find the appropriate, objective answers to your questions. Then you will be prepared to face the world confident about what your stance and action will be in that world.

Here we go. All the best in your research work.

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