The Resilience of a Loving Mother


In the hustle and bustle of city life, Tita Mendeja’s sari-sari store serves as a proof to her perseverance and dedication. Many Filipinos, in pursuit of better employment and opportunities, leave their provincial homes behind to seek fortune in vibrant urban areas like Metro Manila.

Tita was no different. After completing her high school education, she moved into the city with high hopes of providing a better life for her family. Her journey began as a bakery shopkeeper, where destiny introduced her to her future husband, a master baker. Together, they built a life enriched by love and stability.

However, a sudden turn of events happened when her husband died in 1993, leaving her and their children. Making the tough decision to send her children to study in the province,  Tita took up work as a house helper in the city. The life of a single mother, coupled with increasing bills, was a challenging one.

It was not long before she quit her job as a housemaid since her boss had to migrate abroad. She refused to go along with her boss abroad when she was offered the job as she does not want to miss every special occasion of her children.

Fortunately, her relatives in Manila were kind enough to allow them to stay in the area where they lived. Tita then decided to venture into a sari-sari store to earn a living. With CARD Bank’s support, a microfinance-oriented rural bank, she was able to put up a modest store which she was able to expand over time, enabling her to send her youngest to college.

“Because of hard work, perseverance, and the support of CARD Bank, I was able to make ends meet and support the studies of my kids,” Tita said.

Tita’s ability to bounce back from challenges paid off, leading to a thriving business. Indeed, success comes when your hard work is rooted in supporting your dearest  family.

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