Triumph Through Love and Resilience


Edrian B. Bananua, Junior Writer

Lerma Cuevas, a devoted mother who prioritizes family above all else, has steadfastly committed herself to succeed over life’s trials.

Residing in the town of Rosario in Batangas, Lerma values strong family spirit, which serves as her inspiration to face and conquer life’s challenges. Despite having only completed high school, Lerma’s unwavering determination stems from her belief that a better life awaits them at the right time.

Despite financial challenges, Lerma and her husband managed to send all six of their children to school. Through determination, hard work, and mutual support, they achieved what once seemed impossible.

Currently, Lerma’s eldest son holds a Business Administration degree, her second son is a regular employee with six years of service, the third is a full-fledged seaman, and the fourth is an Electrical Engineer. Meanwhile, her youngest twin boys are now pursuing their college degrees.

Their poultry and piggery business, coupled with determination, played an important role in supporting their children’s education. Lerma expresses gratitude for the assistance provided by CARD SME Bank, Inc., a thrift bank under CARD MRI, citing the institution’s loans as essential in growing their business and financing their children’s education.

Beyond financial aid, Lerma underscores the importance of a strong family spirit, a value she also found at CARD SME Bank. As a client of the thrift bank, Lerma appreciates the sense of family and acceptance she experienced within the bank’s community where everyone treats each other not as clients but as a newfound family, which also strengthens their bond and relationship as a group.

Lerma, along with her family, serves as an inspiration in their community, encouraging other CARD clients to strive for their children’s education. Their unity and dedication have kept the family intact and expanded their business, with haulers assisting them in transporting and selling their poultry products and pigs in the market. “Do not give up on life’s challenges, for everything has an end. The Lord will not give it to us if we cannot overcome it. Just fight and join hands with the whole family to face and overcome trials to triumph,” she said.

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