The now under construction portion of Maysantol bridge which is part of the Bulacan Provincial road. Photo by Carmela Reyes-Estrope

BULAKAN, Bulacan—Officials assured residents that Maysantol bridge in this town which has been closed down for three months now due to found damages last January is already nearing its works and repair completion.

Bulacan Provincial Engineer Glen Reyes told NEWS CORE that the bridge is set to be opened for motorists by the end of April or first week of May as the works are already on the last phase.

Reyes said the provincial government spent more than P3-million in the repair of the found shallow portions on the left side of the approach of the bridge and the newly cemented portion of the bridge.

According to Mayor Vergel Meneses, Gov. Daniel Fernando through Engr. Reyes immediately took action on the needed repairs and works after Maysantol folks including motorists found damages in the structure three months ago.

Bulakan municipal engineer Emmie Fernando said shallow portions on the left side approach of the bridge coming from the town going to Guiguinto was found by residents and barangay officials.

Erosion in the riverbanks, she said also affects the bottom areas of both the wall sides of the bridge.

The Maysantol bridge going to Balubad-San Francisco and Tabang, Guiguinto is historically known in Bulakan town as Caragdag bridge, an old more than 50 years old provincial infrastructure that directly connects Bulakan town to the North Luzon Expressway, (NLEX) the MacArthur Highway and the Maharlika and DRT Highway through theTabang, Guiguinto Cloverleaf area passing along Barangay Balubad and San Francisco.

Motorists bound to Tabang Guiguinto going to Metro Manila via the NLEX and other Bulacan areas via MacArthur, Maharlika and DRT Highway and vice versa are rerouted to Balubad-Tibig road following the bridge’s temporary closure.

Maysantol Barangay Captain Noel Macalinao told NEWS CORE that the main bridge portion remains sturdy and only the left side approach portion was found to have damages. 

Macalinao has earlier expressed concern that the bridge closure would affect the daily routes of the people of Bulakan town working in Metro Manila and other areas in and out of Bulacan because the Maysantol bridge is the main, easiest and fastest route to NLEX, MacArthur highway and Maharlila and DRT highway.

Other than the Balubad-Tibig route, motorists also take San Nicolas-Malolos alternative road and Matungao-Triple Junction-Cruz and Panginay, Balagtas routes. 

According to Joey Meneses Rodrigo, vice president of Kabesera Inc, Bulakan town historical, heritage and cultural group, the bridge is named after Doroteo Caragdag, from Barangay Cupang (old name of Barangay Maysantol) who founded the Katipunan in Malolos and Bulakan town. 

Born in Cupang on February 2, 1876 and died on March 5, 1947, Caragdag become a high official of the Katipunan and later become a military governor of Cagayan De Oro, vice governor of Mindanao-Sulu and also become a representative of Zamboanga.