When it comes to the crunch


In the city of Butuan, the name Julius Laguesma is synonymous with his business venture, “Angel’s Chicharon”. Named after his youngest child, the business produces approximately 5,000 packs of chicharon every week with the help of his four employees.

However, Julius’ path to the chicharon business was not easy. Alongside his wife, Juvelyn, they once became peddlers, selling steamed sweet potatoes to their neighborhood under the scorching sun.

Seeking a more profitable business, they became a reseller of chicharon. But after quite some time, his supplier stopped making chicharon, so he decided to make it himself in 2018. This proves that when it comes to the crunch, a solution may come in the form of a delicious recipe.

Despite lacking prior experience in that field, Julius’ courage and entrepreneurial spirit drove him to experiment tirelessly. It took them almost three years of trial and error before they came up with a perfect recipe that they could call their own.

They offer two varieties of chicharon: one made from traditional pork skin sold at PhP13.00 each, while the other is made from elbow macaroni pasta sold at PhP7.00 each. From his business sales, he was able to build a house and send their children to private school.

In 2023, Julius decided to become a client of CARD MRI Rizal Bank, Inc. (CARD RBI), a microfinance-oriented rural bank that provides clients access to different financial services. Currently, he has a PHP20,000.00 loan from the institution that he uses as additional capital for his chicharon business. Furthermore, he also became a member of the CARD Mutual Benefit Association (CARD MBA), which provides an additional layer of security for his family.

Julius’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that with perseverance and faith in God, you can overcome any challenge and achieve success. Today, Angels’ Pork Chicharon is a thriving business, which provides not only for their family but also for about 50 resellers that they have. “Trust in God and be patient. Without faith, overcoming challenges is impossible,” he said.

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