Violence become the new normal in the Philippines this late.  One Senator call our reality an Open Season for Killings and that is actually alarming   The weekly news of ambushes and assassinations had become something of a boring topic that even with Filipinos’ penchant for controversial topics had become something that is unanimously alarming

However, there are silver linings that even without the controversial label is worthy of a second gaze and even a closer look. And good news such as this must be given  platform

The Rotary World Help  maybe a lesser known organization but its social impact to developing countries  like the Philippines  is  huge . 

Social Impact  as described by University of Pennsylvania  as : A focus first on achieving social impact – i.e., a meaningful improvement in the lives of others . The Rotary World Help is practicing  Collaborative Philantrophy ;Collaborative philanthropy, also known as impact philanthropy, is defined as investors and nonprofits working together towards a social cause. Rotary World Help’s history is in a nutshell about the results it achieves Rotary started with the vision of one man — Paul Harris. The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships.  

In Canada  in  1993, the late Ted Segodnia together with fellow Vancouver club Rotarians, Bill Richwa and Ralph Towsley, organized the first shipment of medical supplies and equipment to Kiev. Bill, Ted and their wives went to Kiev to oversee the distribution of the supplies.

At the centre of this effort in the Rotary World Help for the aid distribution in the Philippines   is Ms. Elena Cordero Agala , a transplant to Vancouver Canada by way of Oras Eastern Samar  .  With Millions of Dollars worth of aid to the marginalized communities in Eastern Visayas  and other parts of the country  to date, she agreed to have a second interview with this writer .

Canadian Ambassador David Hartmann and  Elena C. Agala  on a courtesy visit t.o the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines

Rotary World Help as represented by Elena C. Agala  was able to give  Container vans with books , medical  supllies(Medial Beds, Beddings Tables, ) Computers, Canned Goods  Childrens Toys and even a Fire Truck to some recipients mostly in Eastern Visayas .  Recent  distribution includes the Palarao Elementary School in Leyte , Leyte , the Bonifacio Bulante Elementary School in Tacloban City

Here shown are the donation of a whole library of books  to B. Bolante Elementary School and Palarao Elementary School

In all the organization was able to  do this with the help of its club members in Canada and at the center of the efforts is Elena Cordero Agala , its Board Member and the spearhead of the efforts in the Philippines.

From 2002 , the Rotary World Help was able to shipped 430  Container Vans with an estimated  USD 150 Million worth of goods to 61 countries including Ukraine and the Philippines.

The Rotary World Help also organized International Dental Mission where they brought in Canadian Dentists  treat hundreds of Filipinos.

Thus, in spite of the violent world and seemingly selfishness of the many , they  , the Rotary World Help had shown a whole new approach of giving . That of pooling their own resources , raising funds on their own and spending them to purchase goods to be given to people they don’t know and obviously incapable of repaying that kindness.Elena  Agala’s recent visit was in August 2022 and  doing the giving  for a month , using her own funds and bringing in the Rotary World Help Container Vans  , she came back again this February with more goods to give, more time to spend and more smiles to get . She quipped , we should never get tired of sharing whatever we can so people would also be motivated to do the same.