The under construction new municipal hall of San Ildefonso in Barangay Anyatam. Photo by Anton Catindig

SAN ILDEFONSO, Bulacan– The construction of the multi-million worth new municipal hall of the town continues today under the leadership of new Mayor Fernando “Gazo” Galvez Jr. 

The works for the modern structure located along the Maharlika highway in Barangay Anyatam began during the term of former Mayor Carla Galvez-Tan few years ago. 

Tan lost to Galvez in last year’s election. 

Mayor Gazo opted to bring the project to completion to avoid wastage of the public funds. 

New additional budget are also continues to be allotted for the full construction of the project. 

According to the mayor, the new municipal hall located in a more wider and spacious surrounding will not only give better accommodation and service facilities to the residents but will also further ignite investments in the town. 

Mayor Gazo said the new building will also serve as the new face and symbol of peogress and development in San Ildefonso.

The mayor said he is doing his best to complete the project before the end of his first term in 2025.