Hijos Tours and CMDI Ignite the Spirit of ‘Balagtasan’ among CMDI Students


CARD MRI Hijos Tours, in collaboration with CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. (CMDI),  held the BAISAY: BALAGTASAN 2023 at the CMDI Auditorium in Barangay Tranca, Bay, Laguna on October 27, 2023.

Hijos Tours President Ms. Marilyn M. Manila expressed, “This initiative underscores our commitment to preserving Filipino cultural traditions and providing CMDI students with a platform to express themselves through poetry and debate.”

Also, CMDI President Dr. Flordeliza L. Sarmiento shared that the activity “adds depth and diversity to the educational experiences of CMDI students.”

The term ‘Baisay’, derived from the Hiligaynon language, translates to ‘debate’. The event aimed to foster the spirit of ‘Balagtasan,’ a traditional Filipino art form of poetic debate, among the students of CMDI.

The event had two categories: the Senior High School (SHS) category with the theme, “Magkolehiyo, Magkaroon ng Eksperyensa,”  (Go to College, Gain Experience) and “Magtrabaho, Magkaroon ng Negosyo” (Work, Start a Business) in the College category. The participants showcased their linguistic prowess, creativity, and a deep understanding of the theme.

The students also delivered their verses with fervor, engaging in verbal duels that captivated the audience and brought to a mesmerizing display of wordplay and intellectual engagement, making Balagtasan a truly captivating experience.

In the SHS category, the CMDI Tagum representative was hailed champion. The representatives also received additional awards, namely, Marvin Lourence Hamoc for the Lakandiwa ng Taon; and Jhon Aris Apostol and Febby Heart Aquino, for the Prince and Princess of CMDI Baisay 2023.

To add, Reyna Faye Baga, John Aris Bantayan, and Meca Samaling from CMDI-Tagum campus secured the 1st place, while John Lloyd Mendoza, Justine Olan, and Justin Reyes, from CMDI- Bay campus, bagged the 2nd place award.

In the college category, Irene Legaspino was crowned Lakandiwa ng Taon, Charity Calibadan earned the title of the Princess of CMDI Baisay 2023, and Lovely Claire Montes, as addition to the team, were declared the champion of CMDI Baisay 2023 in the College Category, while Reany Eisle Cervantes, Hazel Burdeos, and Angel Mar Valencia secured the 1st place award.

All the winners were recognized with certificates and cash prizes.

Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus remarked, “The students’ performances demonstrated not only their skill in the traditional art of poetic debate but also their keen awareness of contemporary issues.”

He added, “This event served as a testament to the enduring significance of Balagtasan in Philippine culture and the bright future of these young poets and debaters.”

CMDI stands as a learning institute that provides quality education to employees, students, clients of the different institutions of CARD MRI, and other individuals through the use of training programs, academic programs, and digital education programs/open learning.

CARD MRI Hijos Tours is the tour curation company of CARD MRI that aims to promote Philippine tourism and culture while empowering women and their families.

To know more, visit CMDI at https://cmdi.edu.ph/; and CARD MRI Hijos Tours at https://www.cardmri.com/hijostours/

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