Wanted, real senators!


By Herman M. Lagon

We stand at a crossroads in the 2025 senatorial elections, influenced by the appeal of celebrities and the pressing need for efficient leadership. The names that have been popular in recent polls are more easily recognized in the entertainment industry than in legislative discussions and policymaking. This tendency highlights a common thread: the electorate’s fixation on superficial charm, cultic personality, and ratings frequently overshadows competence, integrity, and track record in leadership.

The fact that famous people, such as actors, social media influencers, and TV personalities, are among the most popular senatorial candidates causes frustration and disappointment. Voters are entertained but may feel underrepresented and misrepresented in the legislative sphere by this cinematic take on the political story, in which the boundaries between performance and policy become blurry. Although these individuals provide entertainment, it is yet to be seen, as shown in many years by those who came before them, if they can effectively handle intricate policy matters and advocate for the public interest in the Senate.

One cannot overstate the significance of resistance in a robust democracy. Senate checks and balances, government transparency, and accountability can only be ensured by formidable, tested-and-proven oppositions like Senator Risa Hontiveros. However, the latest poll findings, assuming that the survey process was impeccable, show that the opposition is losing ground, with even long-time and significant opposition figures like Atty. Chel Diokno, former VP Leni Robredo, and former senators Bam Aquino and Franklin Drilon need much assistance to gain a foothold in the elections. This possible downturn could result from a politically imbalanced environment where the supermajority is too united or coagulated, despite recent division in personal interest, to be challenged.

Many, including me, are furious, distraught, confused, and exasperated with these survey choices. This is due to the Senate’s checkered past, which includes several scandals and ineffective legislation. Perpetuating these challenges is the recurrent election of politicians whose popularity is more important than their policy expertise. Voters should seriously consider whether actors, divas, and influencers can successfully and efficiently apply their talents in the legislative branch.

Voter registration drives and educational initiatives have never been more critical. Voter education groups are crucial in explaining senators’ roles and the effects of their policies on the average person’s life. These measures aim to foster an educated populace that values social welfare over immediate financial gain by making elections more about policies and less about individuals.

Democracy relies on a voting population that is both knowledgeable and critical. It ensures that our chosen representatives can deal with our nation’s complex issues and faithfully carry out the votes we cast for them. We pray that this consciousness will be translated into action when we make our selections; we seek leaders who will serve with honesty and wisdom. This highlights the importance of every voter having a say in our nation’s destiny.

The demand for critical thinking is getting louder as election day approaches. Instead of focusing on a candidate’s hollow charisma or often dumb antics, voters should consider their policies, record of accomplishment, and capacity to effect tangible change. Senators, including all the other public officials, should be people for the masses who are also patriotic and can benefit the nation via their campaign speeches, well-considered policies, and concrete actions. Any votes cast count so much in a critical stage of our democratic process.

A new round of voting is almost upon us, and the burden of maintaining democracy rests entirely on the shoulders of the electorate. When selecting senators and other public officials, it is essential to look for strong advocates for the common good, not for recognized faces and empty promises. In addition to measuring popularity, the 2025 elections in the country will reveal how wise, future-oriented, and mature the electorate is.

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