Oxymorons may be something that has been old fashioned for a long time and lay dormant for a while  but it  has resurfaced to be an important inspiring stories .

Grammarly blog  define it as : An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory words with opposing meanings, like “old news,” “deafening silence,” or “organized chaos.” Oxymorons may seem illogical at first, but in context they usually make sense. An oxymoron is a literary device that juxtaposes contradictory terms. Oxymorons are often used poetically as a way of bringing out a fresh meaning in a word or phrase. Like a paradox, an oxymoron is what’s known as a “contradiction in terms,” although oxymorons and paradoxes are two different things, as explained below. 

The word oxymoron is an ancient Greek word, which translates most closely to something like “sharply dull” or “cleverly stupid.” In other words, the oxymoron definition is itself an oxymoron. (

For now having passed the difficult Bar Examinations and the Board :Licensure Examinations for Teacher  we have  a Blind Lawyer , Blind Teachers.

Michaerl Palisoc Morano , Nerikka Escario are just two of the Blind people who had surmounted the Board Licensure Examinations for Teachers , Mark Anthony Dulawan Emocling though just visually impaired , is the first one to pass the Bar with said condition .

In my youth I have known Carol  Catacutan , the Pinay Dubbed as the Philippines Helen Keller . Carol is a graduate of Ramon Magsaysay High School (RMHS), Espana, Manila, Batch ’83. She completed a degree in European languages then pursued a Mass Communications course and graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC. Carol is a professional writer, teacher and one of the founders of ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration & Empowerment of the Visually Impaired). She’s writing teleplays including her life story, entitled “Liwanag”, which appeared on ABS-CBN television show, “Maalaala Mo Kaya”, hosted by Charo Santos and portrayed by Claudine Barretto. Carol is a contributing writer to various national magazines in the Phlippines including the Sunday Inquirer Magazine and wrote romance novels. She was the anchorwoman at Radio Veritas. Her successful accomplishments are beyond compare. (

Overall , these highlight reels of achievements are worthy of the attention  that  they are getting . For one , these are inspiring REAL stories that creates hope and push the human spirit breaking the barriers of disability and attaining a fighting chance like normal mortals . It showcased grit and stamina and even persistence unheard of with the many whiners out there .

According to a well-known pair of denim jeans’ commercial, these are inspirations that are always in trend. These, in my opinion, are preferable to the depraved oxymorons we encounter frequently, such as police-criminals, teachers-predators, legislators-lawbreakers, etc. There is promise in these oxymorons.