ILPS Commission 10 

March 29th is the Day of the Landless, and March 30 marks 48 years since the fascist massacre of six Palestinian activists pushing back against the colonial land-grabbing by Zionist forces. These dates mark great significance to discuss the history of Palestine’s pursuit of liberation, expose the crimes of the Zionist-Israeli project, and imperialism’s major role in the continuing genocide of the Palestinian people. 

Before the events of March 30, 1976, the Zionist Israeli occupation had set its eyes on grabbing 20,000 dunams (20 square kilometers) of agricultural land in Galilee for supposed government purposes. Around 6300 dunams (6.3 square kilometers) were owned by Arabs.

With the continuation of the onslaught and genocide of the Palestinian people, the the US-backed Israeli regime has continued to use its old methods of fascism through expulsion by force with more modern weaponry with the backing of US imperialism. Millions of Palestinian people continue to suffer the brunt of Zionism’s inhumane attacks while living and dying in the rubbles of thinning parcels of Palestinian land. The US’s role in the occupation and genocide of Palestinian people is not simply the role of an imperialist-backer, but as a primary culprit in the widespread land dispossession and massacre of Palestinian population. 

The United State’s has for many occasions masterminded colonial occupations, wars of aggression, and the installation of fascist dictatorships across the world. Such is the case with the occupation of Western Sahara by Moroccan forces with direct funding and unequivocal support from the White House, the brutal War on Terror, and suppression of anti-imperialist movements around the globe. 

The ILPS Commission 10 stands firm and resolute in its solidarity with the Palestinian people. We enjoin all anti-imperialist, freedom-loving citizens of the world in honoring the martyrs and heroes of the Palestinian struggle who have sacrificed their lives in pursuit of liberation. We likewise honor and salute the Palestinian people who valiantly continue in their just cause for national liberation from imperialism and fascist reaction. 

Today, as we continue to observe the brutal and merciless methods of Zionism and US imperialism to expel the Palestinian people from their own lands. We are seeing waves of resistance movements from within Palestine, militant offensives being launched against Zionist forces by liberation movements, and the ever growing solidarity from peoples of the world against the onslaught of imperialism.