Stop the food aid massacres of the US-Israel genocidal war in Gaza! #StopStarvingPalestinians


The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS)

The People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) vehemently slams the Israeli military’s massacre of 112 Palestinians waiting for food aid in Gaza City yesterday. More than 700 were also injured in this attack. 

The “Flour Massacre” – as bread is the staple food in the Arab region – is the highest number of deaths and casualties incurred by a single open-fire attack on Palestinian civilians waiting for aid. At this point, such strikes have become part of Israel’s regular military operations in carrying out its genocidal war. At least five mass shootings targeting food aid seekers in Gaza have been reported by international media in the past two months, with a cumulative death toll of at least 90 and casualties at about 250.Israel’s backers – especially the US – have issued their condemnation of the attack, but these only reek of hypocrisy as they fund the bombs and bullets that are killing Palestinians. More than 30,000 Palestinian deaths have been recorded as we approach the fifth month of the genocidal war. The same states have also made Palestinians desperate for aid after orchestrating funding cuts for Palestine, effectively reducing aid deliveries by half since January. 

Israel’s unhinged inhumanity proves the justness of the Palestinian cause. Its deplorable war crimes only fuel the resolve of the Palestinian people to fight for their freedom from the US-backed Zionist occupation. And PCFS, along with the millions supporting Palestine across the world, are resisting the US-Israel genocidal war – with them, in solidarity. 

Stop the massacre of Gazans waiting for food aid!
Stand for the Palestinian people’s food sovereignty!
Stop starving Palestine! Rise for Palestine’s freedom from the US-Israel occupation!

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