Slow  Unhurried Living




Be a curator of your life. Slowly cut things out

until you’re left only with

what you love, with what’s necessary,

with what makes you happy.”-Leo Babanta

Speed, Easy, All in One, and State of the Art are just a few of the buzzwords in the advertising and service sector.  These are words that evoke the values sought by industries and companies.  If it’s an Internet Provider, there is a need for Speed, bombarding us with megabits per second. If it’s a Vitamin or Food Supplement, the All One solution stands out.  If it’s an appliance or printing machine, having all in one feature would surely make the product marketable, and profitable.

But looking at all this the reality comes as something that creates a fast and hurried life. “In this fast-paced world, it’s important to slow down sometimes.” Words from a Biker and a writer in Dano Janowski. One small quote which gives a big lesson.

Why do we need to slow it down and live a slow kind of life, let me count the ways ;

  • it is healthier to take it slow, of course, this advice can never be appreciated by bull-strong young men and women who are eager to get a break and hit it big, but  I tell you this is advice that would benefit your future self.
  • you can savor the aroma of the roses in the garden because you are not moving so fast. You will learn the virtue and the hard work of farmers and you can see life better in slow motion. Your experiences and memories would be priceless because it was not fleeting.
  • you don’t need to worry about keeping up with rich neighbors, you can do your own thing and be rich even with the least resources you have
  • you get to admire the beauty of time, which does not yield to anyone, time waits for no one

In all, I would suggest that we live it slowly, unhurried, and simply. It would always be our goal because a lifetime is over in a snap and one day you will wake, rich but old and grumpy. Because you fail at analyzing life and getting a big conclusion , we have to really, take it slow.

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