The Double Whammy in Children’s Educational Hardships



Teacher I

Guiguinto National Vocational High School

It has been an old age topic that undernutrition among children is, and has always been a serious problems in the Philippines. This problem directly affects the children’s physical and mental growth, leading to a staggering loss in the children’s learning potential. Moreover, as if the lack of nutrition is not great of a challenge enough for the young students, the Philippines have been infected with the Covid-19 Virus in 2019 until today.

          Covid-19 hit the educational system to a sudden stop and schooling suddenly became extremely difficult. Families started to ration themselves as lockdowns and savings became the priority, and with it the children’s ability to face classes and learn came to a halt. According to SWS Surveys, hunger in the Philippines skyrocketed in September 2020, after seven months of community quarantine, thirty-one percent of filipino families were suffering from hunger during that period. Now, these data directly show that the youth, who shall lead us to a better future, lack the equipment that meets the standard for mental and physical growth. Are there any measures that can help a surviving household to protect and invest still in their child?

          As the country is recovering, so too are its inhabitants. The government is providing aide to every household and barangay, vaccinations are now being carried out to children and the schools are slowly adapting to limited face-to-face approach. The job of developing and motivating the young minds of today starts with proper nourishment and positive reinforcement at home. While coming to school, the child should have protective gear against Covid and teachers should create a safe and redeeming atmosphere in starting the wheels of education with patience and yearning. Hope is always available to those who seek it, and the future of our health and economy begins inside the home and the classroom.

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