UP Physicists Present Network Science Research at the House of Representatives


Dr. Reinabelle Reyes and Dr. May Lim of the UP Diliman National Institute of Physics (UPD-CS NIP) presented their research on transport network efficiency at the recent House Committee on Visayas Development meeting on February 6, 2024.

Together with independent researcher JC Albert Peralta, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Lim used a 300-year-old math discipline called network science to model transport network systems during relief operations. They applied their model to the Visayas transport network, where they discovered that Northern Samar is the most vulnerable to relief operation delays. 

Read more about their research in the press release here: https://science.upd.edu.ph/up-physicists-improve-phls-disaster-response-with-network-science/

Their research opens novel ways for improving relief operations and aids policymakers in decision-making and strategic planning. Attendees of the meeting at the House of Representatives included committee leaders and members of the Visayas Region, including Hon. Karen Lolita Javier, Committee Chair and 2nd District of Leyte Representative; Hon. Francisco “Kiko” Benitez, 3rd District of Negros Occidental Representative; Hon. Anna Victoria Veloso-Tuazon, 3rd District of Leyte Representative; Francisco “Sonny” Romuar III, Committee Secretary; and Atty. Cherry Pastor-Dalauiadao, Committee Staff.

Leaders of the Visayas Region, together with Dr. Reyes and Dr. Lim. (Photo credit: House Committee on Visayas Development)

At the meeting, they discussed the need to decentralize and distribute resources such as food and key equipment to all congressional districts to mitigate delays in relief operations. They also emphasized the necessity of building transportation infrastructure in areas with no existing road networks.

“It was our first time at the House of Representatives and, though it was a bit intimidating at first, I believe in the end, we made the most of the opportunity given to us to share our work and learn from the perspectives of the House committee members, who are representatives and influential leaders for Visayas,” Dr. Reyes said on their experience.

“Doing scientific research is a very focused activity and involves discussion mostly among our small group of collaborators (and peer reviewers),” Dr. Reyes continued. “So having this opportunity to take the fruits of this work to the highest levels of leadership in the country is quite fulfilling at a different level.”
The research team aims to continue working on their research, developing an open-source, user-friendly web app that lets the public simulate different transport network systems. Dr. Reyes and Mr. Peralta will present their work at the upcoming PyCon PH 2024 conference on February 25 and 26, 2024.

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