From left to right: Allen N. Maroma -VP for Research, Development and Extension; Jaime P. Pulumbarit -VP for Administration and Finance; Romeo DC. Inasoria, Chancellor for Main Campus; Teody C. San Andres, Executive Vice President; Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon, President; Edgardo M. Santos, VP for Academic Affairs and Reynaldo S Naguit, Chancellor for External Campus. Photo by the Bulacan State University

CITY OF MALOLOS–The Bulacan State University (BulSU), one of the largest and leading national government-run universities in the country was recently bestowed the 2022 Philippine Quality Awards (PQA), a  – Recognition for Mastery in Quality Management which once again proves the at par excellence tertiary education it provides to all its hundreds of students.

University President Cecilia Navasero-Gascon, Ph. D., received the award more than a week ago in Malacañang. She was joined by Teody San Andres, Ph. D., Executive Vice President Jaime Pulumbarit, Ph. D., Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Navasero expressed elation for the recognition as the university was the second in Central Luzon to receive the PQA on the first attempt.  

The PQA is a prestigious recognition given by the Philippine government to organizations that have demonstrated excellence in quality management. It aims to promote the importance of quality management in achieving organizational excellence and competitiveness. This award is a testament to the university’s commitment in providing quality education and services to its students and stakeholders. The award recognizes the efforts of BulSU in implementing effective quality management systems and processes that have resulted in improved performance, customer satisfaction, and organizational sustainability.

Today, the university in all its six campuses—Malolos Main Campus, Meneses Campus in Bulakan town, Sarmiento Campus in City of San Jose el Monte, Hagonoy Campus, Bustos Campus and San Rafael Campus  have 44, 223 students with 1,220 faculty members serving them all through high standard of academics and skills learning in almost all fields of discipline.

The Internal Quality Assurance Office (IQAO) also played a crucial role in guiding the university in its quality management journey, providing training, coaching, and support to ensure that the university’s quality management systems are effective and efficient.

According to Gascon, today’s freshest milestone reaped by BulSU would not be possible without the collective efforts of the faculty members, heads of the different offices, staff, and other stakeholders of the university. She thanked all the administrative staffs, the faculty, the students and the support services of the university. “This achievement of BulSU is a source of pride for the entire university community. It is a testament to the university’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing quality education and services to its students and stakeholders,” she said.  

Gascon, together with the entire BulSU community commits to continue to strive for excellence in quality management and ensure that its quality management systems are continuously improved to meet the evolving needs of its stakeholders.