Do we have to go back in time to be happy ?




I always thought that the past was simpler , happier and better. Maybe because problems then was smaller,  our smiles are grander and  things are easier . But must we go back in time  for the past , as it seems exciting and a balm to our tired souls?

Many people today are unhappy with their lives. They face various problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom, dissatisfaction, and lack of meaning. They often wish they could go back in time to a simpler and happier era, where they could enjoy the beauty of nature, the warmth of human relationships, the joy of creativity, and the peace of mind.

But is going back in time really a good idea? Would it make us live better and happier? In this essay, I will argue that going back in time is not a realistic or desirable solution for our current problems, and that we should instead focus on improving our present and future.

Going back in time is not a feasible possibility, to start with. Time travel is not proven to be conceivable by science, and even if it were, there would be several moral and intellectual contradictions. What would happen to history and our own life, for instance, if we could modify something in the past? Would we rewrite the timeline or would we just delete it? How would we handle the fallout from our actions? And traveling back in time wouldn’t necessarily make us happier. Diseases, wars, poverty, oppression, illiteracy, and violence are just a few of the potentially difficult issues we may encounter.

We might face different but equally challenging problems, such as diseases, wars, poverty, oppression, ignorance, and violence. We might also lose some of the benefits and comforts that we enjoy today, such as technology, education, health care, entertainment, and human rights. We might not even fit in with the people and culture of the past, and feel alienated and isolated.

Secondly, going back in time is not a desirable option. It implies that we are giving up on our present and future, and that we are not willing to face and solve our problems. It also implies that we are idealizing and romanticizing the past, and ignoring its flaws and drawbacks. The past was not perfect; it had its own share of hardships and sufferings. Moreover, going back in time would mean that we are missing out on the opportunities and possibilities that the present and future offer. The present and future are not hopeless; they have their own share of beauty and goodness. There are still many things to learn, discover, create, enjoy, and improve in the world. There are still many people to love, help, inspire, and be inspired by. There are still many ways to grow, change, adapt, and overcome our challenges.

Therefore, I believe that going back in time to live better and happier is not a realistic or desirable solution for our current problems. Instead of escaping from reality or dwelling on nostalgia, we should embrace our present and future with optimism and courage. We should appreciate what we have and work for what we want. We should seek happiness not in the past but in the present moment. We should also strive to make the world a better place for ourselves and others. Going back in time might seem tempting but it is not the answer. We can just create a better present and  plan an even better future .

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