Pray for forgiveness and confess your sins as The Nun 2 arrives at SM Cinema Baliwag and SM Cinema Marilao! Uncover the greatest secret as Sister Irene (portrayed by Taissa Farmiga) gets entangled on yet another murder mystery and face again the strong, terrorizing demon nun – Valak.

Catch The Nun 2 in IMAX for a larger-than-life horror adventure that will you on the edge of your seat. Immerse yourself and be haunted by every terrifying scene with the best cinematic experience from SM Cinema’s huge and crystal-clear screen display from its laser projector, and the chilling screams from IMAX digital surround sound. Pair these with Snack Time’s best snacks and aromatic popcorn for a more enjoyable horror movie date night.

Valak is invading your late nights and midnights too! If you’re looking for night terrors, the late and midnight screening is for you.



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