Gov. Daniel Fernando with Bulacan Police Director, Col. Relly Arnedo and Bulacan Provincial History, Arts, Culture and Tourism Officer Head Eliseo Dela Cruz and other officials in the Wednesday launch of Police Tourism Bike Patrol units. Photo by Anton Luis Catindig

CITY OF MALOLOS–Bulacan deploys 144 Tourist Oriented Police for Community Order and Protection (Top Cop) to its 20 towns and cities to help ensure a most conducive and friendly tourist destinations in the province. 

Gov. Daniel Fernando said the Top Cops will serve as the provincial government’s arm in ensuring a more friendly atmosphere in all the parks, mountain views, resorts,  museums, restaurants and other recreactional areas all year round particularly during this coming summer season.

Fernando led other Bulacan officials in the launching and deploying of the teams on Wednesday at Camp Alejo Santos Provincial Police Headquarters here. 

TOP COPS ROLL. The Tourist Oriented Police for Community Order and Protection (Top Cop) during Wednesday’s launch of their unit and deployment to Bulacan’s 20 municipalities and four cities. Photo by Anton Luis Catindig 

Many provinces and cities in the country already have their tourism peace and security system but the province of Bulacan is unique on its own because the governor himself and the provincial government had provided for the bicycles, Bulacan Provincial History, Arts and Culture and Tourism Office Head Eliseo Dela Cruz said.

According to Bulacan Police Director Col. Relly Arnedo, the 144 policemen in the 20 towns and 4 cities will also work in different functions in their respective police stations but would leave their posts and ride their bikes when it is time to conduct roving patrol within the vicinity of the hotels, resorts, museums, parks, jogging roads and even churches.

There will be a daily roving bike patrols and that each Top Cop is armed, he added. 

Bulacan is host to almost 400 resorts, a number of mountain viewing spots, jogging areas, 100 old historical and significant churches, 30 parks, 50 museums, 1000 restaurats, 500 hotels and several other key tourist destinations.